Manoj Bajpayee made me comfortable on the sets ‘The Family Man’, says debutant Vijay Vikram Singh

Vijay VikramSingh with Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee made me comfortable on
the sets ‘The Family Man’, says debutant Vijay Vikram Singh

Mumbai, 04th November 2019 (News Helpline) . A voice over artist and
dubbing professional Vijay Vikram Singh, who is a known name in the voicing
industry has made his acting debut with recently released web series ‘The
Family Man’. Helmed by director duo Raj & DK, the web series garnered a lot
of appreciation across the nation.

rave reviews poured in for the web series, Vijay Vikram Singh, who played role
of Ajit was applauded for his performance.

asked Vijay about his journey of acting debut, he shares, “Being a VO artist
and dubbing professional, we do act, but only through our voice. With me,
acting happened accidentally. After doing VO’s for 5 long years, I realised
that I need to unlearn few things and learn new techniques to enhance my
voicing career. I decided to do an acting workshop for the same. My wife was
very keen on me to do this workshop so she got me enrolled in one of the acting
workshops. Those 3 months of the workshop opened my mental faculties and I
started enjoying the process. Luckily, one of the new theatre productions was
looking for a fresh face with a deep voice for one of their plays. I got cast
in that play as Chanakya which was central to the plot. The entire experience
of being on stage was so exhilarating that I ended up doing 16 shows of that
play and did a few more plays alongside.

I was only doing plays and occasional ad films. I wasn’t auditioning for
anything because VO’s didn’t give me much ideal time, whatever little time I
was left with, I would go for my play rehearsals.”

FAMILY MAN happened purely by chance. I met Mr. Mukesh Chhabra on one of the TV
shows called INDIA’S NEXT SUPERSTAR, where he was the acting coach and I was
doing VO’s for that show and voice coach for the contestants. We had an
extensive discussion and he admonished me for never coming to his office for an
introduction. He asked me if I would like to audition for a character in a web
series. I went for that audition and the next day I was finalised. Mukesh
Chhabra is solely responsible for seeing AJIT in me and auditioning me for the
same. I think I will be always grateful to him for this,” he adds.

Manoj Bajpayee plays the lead in The Family Man as an undercover agent, debutant
Vijay Vikram Singh also shared screen space with him, he narrates the
experience working alongside Manoj.

was an absolute delight to work with him. One can learn so much from him as
co-actors, and I was lucky that all my scenes were with him. He makes his co
actors absolutely comfortable and that is a hallmark of a great actor.”

night prior to my first day at the shoot, I could not sleep. I was very nervous
because the very first shot was with him only. But all the nerves and
butterflies were only till the point I met him. He came on the set and reached
out to me immediately. He was informed about my association with BIGG BOSS and
that I am the narrator’s voice on the show. He came and spoke so much about
BIGG BOSS that once the shot was ready, I had absolutely no nerves at all. I
credit my performance to him completely,” he reveals.

his journey ahead, Vijay tells,

would definitely want to focus more on acting and look to play different characters
on screen. I was born & brought in Kanpur, UP. A lot of stories are coming
from that part of the country these days. Filmmakers are exploring stories from
the hinterland and I would definitely want to portray a character from the
heartland. I want to bring alive the nuances and intricacies of the characters
from that part of the country.”

further spills the beans and says,

“There are two web series which are releasing next year where I have played small characters. and of course, the next season of THE FAMILY MAN would also come next year. Now, that I have gotten busy with doing VO’s for BIGG BOSS 13 since 29th Sep, acting has taken a backseat for the time being. But once the show wraps up in January 2020, I would definitely want to get back on stage as soon as possible. I will continue doing VO’s as that gives me the maximum happiness and that pays my EMIs as well. I would want to do more VO’s for ad films now as well as act in them.”

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