Manuwaad and manavwad can’t go together : Constitutional morality can only come through humanist principles of Baba Saheb Ambedkar

Baba Saheb Ambedkar The biggest hero of the social revolution in India

and manavwad can’t go together
: Constitutional morality can only come through humanist
principles of Baba Saheb Ambedkar

President of India is speaking about ‘constitutional morality’ while the prime
minister is saying that Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar would have been the ‘proudest’
person to see the ‘democracy’ flourishing in India and the ‘success’ of our

friends talked about Gandhi’s Gram Swaraj and we were sitting in the place ‘owned’
by Lord Jaggannath.

It is
reported that the Lord is the biggest owner of land and properties in Odisha.
And like the Lord here, we have so many Lords in this country with billions of
rupees and Gold in their bank that they can ‘remove’ poverty in just a day’

Baba Saheb
Ambedkar said that unless there is social democracy, our political democracy
failed. If the political system fails to provide justice to people, they will
revolt and break this ‘structure’ we built so ‘laboriously’, he warned.

What have
we done to make Baba Saheb Proud of our ‘achievements’?

A government
is ‘formed’ in the mid night and President of India sign the document without
Cabinet proposal. It goes straight from the Prime Minister’s office and a
governor ensure a chief minister take charge before anyone know about it. Is
this the constitutional morality. Are we really following the constitutional
morality, at least those who are supposed to be the ‘custodians’ of the Constitution?

Will the
things happening in Kashmir make Dr Ambedkar proud where except for the
Kashmiri Muslims, the government is speaking to everyone else outside Kashmir?

Will Baba
Saheb be happy to see that our Universities and educational institutions are
being converted in Brahmanical gurukuls and students from SC-ST-OBC-Minorities,
Economically Poor are finding it difficult to study. So many students have
committed suicides and I say they have been murdered by highly hostile Brahmanical
institutional pressure. Wouldn’t Baba Saheb question the government and take it
to task on the death of Rohith Vemula, Payal Tadwi, Fatima and Nazeeb. How can anyone
be proud of these dirty facts that our institutions are collapsing and unable
to provide justice to people.

Baba Saheb
devoted his time for the benefit of labourers. He sought their minimum wages
and fixed timing so that they are not exploited. After 70 years we are
witnessing the ‘death’ of ‘labour’. Conditions are being created to deny them
justice and make things harsher for them.

Farmers are
committing suicides. Violence against Dalits are rampant and police does not
file cases. Judiciary do have no time to hear the cases related to civil
liberties. People are languishing in jail just because they dare to stand up
with the Adivasis and Dalits against the oppression by the state and feudal
corporate forces.

How would have
Baba Saheb responded when an incident like JNU happen when the entire state
machinery is out and out defaming an institution and ensuring that the children
from the marginalised sections do not turn up or go for ‘voluntary retirement’.

We all have
every act but they are not implemented in letter and spirit. Baba Saheb said
that a good constitution can be made redundant by those who implement it. The
dark fact is that those who worship Manu in their heart and want its social
order to flourish in India cannot go along with a humanist constitution.

Over 10
million Adivasis got dislocated and never got rehabilitated from their land.
They were never asked about their choices. ‘Development’ was imposed on them
and an entire generation of Adivasis was eliminated at many villages just for
the purposes of ‘building’ ‘modern’ India. How can we allow this? Where is democracy?
Democracy is not merely Parliament and assemblies. It is not just this election
or that election. It is also about my choices and right to reject. How many times
the government asked Adivasis as what kind of Development they want or whether
they want it or not.

years have happened and we have not been able to ‘democratise’ our villages as
we never wanted that to happen. Social democracy cannot happen if the
privileged are not ready to leave their privileges. And none is going to do it
on their own. The state will have to act as per the constitution but what
happened. A majority of the Dalits in India remained absolutely landless, not
even having the homestead land while Gods and cows can have as much land as
possible. In cows and Gods live our ‘privileged’ and tax evading class who
shout ‘tax payers’ money when JNU kind of issues crops up but it is these
classes and castes which have used the state patronage. Will the government,
civil society talk about land redistribution process and equal distribution of
them or access to the Dalits, a promise we made through abolishing Zamindari
Abolition Act and enacting Land Ceiling Act. All these were rarely implemented
and most of the big landlords became Godmen or vice versa. So, in India Statues
can live under air-conditions and fed with ‘delicious’ dishes while poor live
in hunger and misery. A statue can have no ceiling on it while poor does not
have a small piece.

Baba Saheb
spoke of fraternity as he was a peace maker, a man of great revolutionary
ideas. He did not ask the oppressed to pick up the guns and shoot the thugs who
created superficial racist caste structure. Can there be fraternity without
sharing the agonies of the poor by the rich and powerful. Instead of putting
constitutional practices to implement ceiling laws and distribute the land to
poor, the government and its policies created new monopolies. Our old Rajas and
Maharajas stand nowhere near the luxury of the new monopolists whose corporate
empires are accumulating land and properties at unprecedented scale. It is not
the issue of poverty now; it is the issue of the huge gap between the power
elite and rest of us. Has the government really the will to make its morality
as constitutional morality?

Yes, a
fraternity will never happen when you make your citizenship on religious basis
which violate our constitutional principles. Act like NRC are nothing but
attempt to intimidate citizens and snatch their land. Land grabbers are fast
grabbing everything while poor are being made to fight each other. How do we
celebrate ‘achievements’ when people are still dying of hunger and manual
scavenging has not yet finished? Most of those engaged in it facing the worst
form of caste apartheid. Baba Saheb would have been proud if our political
class had honestly spoken and worked against the caste terrorism and hidden
apartheid which is still order of the day in major part of India.

Baba Saheb
will be there to guide us, all the time as his vision has already reached the
nooks and corners of the country. Any government which claims to follow his
principles particularly the constitutional morality must adopt secular
socialist principles and treat each citizen of India as equal citizen. Is this
government really following this principle? Dr Ambedkar laid great importance
to quality education but let us ask this question as where are we in this
field. Our education was supposed to develop critical thinking in our minds but
the current leaders don’t want to develop our ‘critical’ thinking capacities,
instead they want brainless ‘bhaktas’ or devotees who can shout atop of their
voice and violently oppress those who disagree with them.

We must celebrate
the Constitution Day but also be careful as what is being said in the name of
Baba Saheb. The best would be for all to think as what would have Dr Ambedkar
thoughts or said on major socio-political issues of our time today. Celebrate
the spirit of Baba Saheb and think of his ideas of social democracy and provide
cultural alternative to Brahmanism.

and manavwad can’t go together.

constitutional morality in India is only possible if those who implement it
have faith in humanist values as espoused by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. You can’t
really implement this constitution with caste superiority complexes in your
heart. Be human and believe in humanity and that is the only towards
constitutional morality.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

November 26th, 2019

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