#MasoodAzharDEAD : Speculation over Masood Azhar’s whereabouts, Pak media don’t confirm

Masood Azhar is in Pakistan

New Delhi,
March 3. Intense speculation made the rounds about Masood Azhar’s whereabouts
on Sunday with a report of him getting killed in the bombardment by Indian Air
Force (IAF) on a terror camp in Balakot going viral, but there was no
confirmation from any authoritative sources.

On Micro blogging
site twitter hash tag #MasoodAzharDEAD & Maulana Masood Azhar is trending
on top, but nobody is confirming the news that Maulana Masood Azhar is no more.

Some journalists suggested to not celebrate the news because it may be a planted news by Pakistan.

Anchor in News 24 Manak Gupta wrote on twitter that Nobody knows where the news first came from. Be careful, this may just be a rumor planted by Pakistanis to give India a fake closure.

Pak media is
silent on this news. The express tribune (Pak)’s top story is

“Pakistan hints at taking ‘decisive action’ against Masood Azhar-led JeM.” Radio Pakistan’s headlines bulletin is silent on this news.