Mera Habeeb Response Is a Dream Come True Says Singer Nayan Shankar

Singer Nayan Shankar

Mumbai 09 September
2019. Young and velvety singer Nayan Shankar is out with his latest single with
Zee Music, the song is titled Mera Habeeb, which is climbing the popularity
charts in an unprecedented way.

Singer Nayan is noted
for his viral single Lag Ja Gale with Red Ribbon Records India back in 2016,
and he is back on the circuit with Mera Habeeb, which has gone viral, racking
up 300K hits.

Talking about the
success of the song, Nayan said, “Everyone has a dream, mine came true with
hard work and bit of luck. Zee Music released the song and now my phone is
ringing off the hook with messages and offers. People loved it and I am happy.
The response is like a dream come true for me”

“I feel blessed that
my song released with Zee Music India and I had an awesome time shooting with
Notorious Owl Pictures. Mera Habeeb is written by Sehaj Singh and composed and
sung by me” added Nayan.

Being an artist,
Nayan is also a diehard romantic at heart, and shares an anecdote about his
latest viral single.

He said, “I am
romantic at heart. A certain relationship of mine inspired me to create the
song and its narrative. See once you’re real, it shows and people are able to
relate. So many young people experience such inspiring and romantic phases in
their lives with that special person. No one knows how long will it last or
where it’s going to go, but it feels good. I’ve had a similar experience which
left a lasting impression on me, and I will always remember that person, hence
the concept Mera Habeeb”

Nayan is a
multi-talented artist, whose energy is boundless and sense of exploration is
just outstanding.

“I am a singer,
composer and entertainer.  I am
passionate about the work I do and I love interacting with new people, culture,
music, art and what not. Exploration is an inane desire and need, I think art
is something that connects everyone” said Nayan.

Mera Habeeb has the vibe and feel of a Bollywood track with the fusion of a Western feel.

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