Modi is the worst human being : Nikhil Wagle

Nikhil Wagle

New Delhi, 02 March 2019 . Senior Marathi journalist Nikhil wagle has condemned Prime Minister Modi and said that modi is not India.

Mr. wagle wrote on micro bloging site Twitter,

“Let me say this publicly: I have seen all the Prime Ministers from 1971. From Indira to Modi. But Modi is the worst human being amongst them. #modi_is_not_India.”

In another tweet he wrote,

“Modi and BJP started election campaign long back.They accelerated it after #BalakotAirStrike. But Rahul Gandhi and opposition seems confused. Election results depend upon how they expose 56’ demagogue.”

हमें गूगल न्यूज पर फॉलो करें. ट्विटर पर फॉलो करें. वाट्सएप पर संदेश पाएं. हस्तक्षेप की आर्थिक मदद करें

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