Netanyahu out: What is for the People of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu is out

A long batting inning is over, and as far as credits are concerned, they are war crimes and corruption for self and for the family, and not for the country or the people.

That sums up the ex-PM Netanyahu’s tenure as PM of Israel. His stature had become too big, compared to the military and economic might of his country, Israel, whose geographical importance is that it is able to keep a vigilance on Arab countries, the reservoir of natural oil and gas, acting as an outpost of US imperialism.

He had become a synonym of “Zionism”, loved by a section of his countrymen. He was part of world leaders, who came up to power due to massive retreat or degeneration of the bourgeois “democracy”, and which accelerated after the demise of the USSR and the start of neoliberalism. The latter unleashed a number of anti-working-class measures, like ending all the welfare measures in education and health services, transport, old-age homes, subsidies for the farmers on electricity, water, seeds & fertilizers, women’s safety measures, children/orphans’ care facilities.

The laws in all the nations, who embraced neoliberalism ensured the end of labor laws which protected the working class or at least was a hurdle to the employers ‘will to fleece the labor-power, at its will, like ‘hire and fire policy’. Farm Laws as well as Environment Laws were either annihilated or enacted to help the capital (in all its forms) to accrue maximum profit, which was sagging due regular economic crisis, or rather, having become chronic. The economic booms, since the late 20th Century, have been relative, and not in absolute terms, as before. Now the economic booms meant controlled economic dooms. The further accumulation and growth of capital is no more limited to the profit (from the market, despite monopoly pricing) but even through plunder of the working people, public property and the natural resources.

Poroshenko, Trump, Narendra Modi, Bolsonaro, Netanyahu, and many others were not only welcomed in such era to take over the state power as the prime political managers of the capitalist class but even promoted by the latter, through media, social media, huge capital investment, blatant misuse of state power, including the judiciary and even military. They created fake childhood stories, matching that of the ‘saints’ or charismatic persons, fake educational qualifications, read statements written by the content writers, read them through a teleprompter. Mass mania or mesmerized people, who love spectacles, is created to promote such personality cults to fool the mass.

They were essentially criminals, corrupts, educationally almost zero, in fact, ignorant and superstitious. Read these guys’ statements, they are available on thousands of sites, including Google, the search engines. But what attracted the bourgeois class to fall for them? Their ability to speechify and carry out the drama in public, including the ability to cry ‘for the people’s miseries, create imaginary enemies and rally the masses against the enemy, rouse religiosity, national chauvinism. Venezuela is an example, where Juan Guaidó was to take over power through a military coup, openly being espoused to do so by the US government and its intelligence services, and the Venezuelan bourgeois class, but failed.

Few wickets of the international monopoly capitalists (imperialists) are down, but does that make any difference? New political order is ready to fill the vacancy, if these fascists, dictators become untenable for the masses and the people’s rising resistance and the capitalist class and its think tank decide to change their guards. The liberals, social democrats, centrists, pseudo left wing, etc. will do the needed!

Benjamin Netanyahu is not indispensable, but can be easily replaced, by another such character or a more suitable to the changing scenario, according to the new economic, social, political order.

See a report by Aljazeera, “Many Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza have dismissed a change in the Israeli government, saying the nationalist leader due to replace Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would likely pursue the same right-wing agenda.”

This is though due their decades old experiences and repression by the Zionist state, but the fear is right. The change of the guard may give some relief to the Palestinians but that will be short lived. And we are also not sure, how long the amalgamated government will continue, which is replacing a 12 years old regime, one of the worst dictatorial states. 4 elections in 2 years in Israel have failed to bring any single party to power with full majority. This shows that there is resistance to Netanyahu’s party and policies, but this negation is not for the peace for the two ‘states’ in Israel but due various other reasons. The Communist Party of Israel is too small and ineffective to intervene in the ongoing politics, though it did carry out processions against the Israeli bombing in Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank.

Naftali Bennet is the new PM of Israel, who is as good or as bad, when talking about the Zionist dream of expansion, similar military as well economic policies. He is a millionaire and boasts of being tech savvy, had held the post of Defense Minister. He is part of one of those top Zionist leaders, who supported annexation of West Bank. He ex-ally of Netanyahu.

He heads a coalition government of the right-wing, centrist and leftist parties, with an Arab representative, with a thin majority (60 against 59). Their common minimum program to oust Benjamin Netanyahu and run the government, too, is weak and fragile. In the meantime, the ex-PM will undergo trial on corruption charges, which so far, as PM, was avoiding.

Ousting of many such leaders in Ukraine, US, Pakistan, etc. is not the end of personality cult, a very strong and potent weapon in the hands of the bourgeois class, but just a shake in the quiet pond. The racism, cult or identity politics, religiosity, national chauvinism will continue, sometimes more and on the other times less, depending on the fall or rise of the people’s resistance against their falling life standard and also on the severity of the crisis in capitalist class. These are mere symptoms of the deep contradictions in the imperialist capitalist world, and unless capitalism, in all its forms, is not superseded by socialism, mankind as well as the environment will continue suffering.

The task of the revolutionaries, world over, is very obvious: unite the working class and the oppressed people in their respective countries, with internationalism as the goal, as socialism can not be in a single country for long. Class unity and struggle is the revolutionary path and no revolution will succeed without it.”

Gp Capt Krishna Kant

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