New Single, Honey Bunny Is Labour of Love and Passion Says Sara Khan

Sara Khan

Mumbai, 09th December 2019 (News Helpline). Popular television actor Sara Khan is
out with new single, Honey Bunny, says she has worked hard on her diction and
getting the tone right for song.

After making
headlines with her last music video, Mast Nazro Se, popular television actress
Sara Khan is out with new single, Honey Bunny, which she has crooned herself.

about her passion for singing and new track, Sara Khan said, “I’d always
enjoyed singing; I am big ardent fan of singing. And some two years ago, I sang
Hosh Walo Ko Khabar and a mash-up of all my favourite English tracks and
releases it online. People loved it and encouraged to take up singing and I
did. I am trying to make songs that I like; I am not here to prove my talent.
This is something I am doing for my passion” 

“My new
single Honey Bunny, it’s about all the guys and girls, who fall in love and
call each other with cute names and Honey Bunny is the most famous one. So, I
picked the title and idea from there and created a song about it” said Sara.

adding Sara said she has worked hard on the learning the diction and tone of
language and share her personal reasons for crooning the song in Punjabi.

She said,
“The song is in Punjabi. See certain things don’t sound as cute in Hindi as
they sound in Punjabi. This I have noticed that certain things sound cute and
beautiful in Punjabi and on top of that all my best friends have been Punjabi.
I love the language, so I make most of my songs in Punjabi. I’d worked hard on
getting my diction right, getting the nuances of the language, it’s a labour of
love, I hope people enjoy the song.”

This music
video of Sara Khan’s latest single ‘Honey Bunny” is out. She not only has
crooned the song but features in the video as well. Sara is known for well
toned figure and style icon. The music video is shot overseas and it’s filled
with fancy cars and stunning locations.

The song ‘Honey-Bunny Song‘ has been released by Zee Music Company. It’s been composed by Altaaf and Manny, it’s been written by Atiya Sayyed and also featuring Dinesh Choudhary. The stunning new video is directed under United White Flag banner.