Gandhi needs to be Evaluated both for his success as well as failures

Mahatma Gandhi

To suggest that Gandhi was pro Muslim and anti-Hindu was a
deliberate lie of the Sangh Parivar. Gandhi was a staunch Hindu who ensured the
hegemony of the Brahmanical elite of the socialist kind in our power structure.
Sanghis know it well now and hence they don’t oppose Gandhi because they know
Gandhi is the best bet to keep the savarna power intact. The Congress know it

Gandhi was truthful to his dharma. He was true to his
perception and never pretended but we do not subscribe those positions. We
respect his role in bringing people together but it is not essential for
everyone to respect whatever he said and no purpose is served by deliberately
denigrating him. Gandhi and Gandhism have to be countered ideologically. It needs
to be exposed through research, through its own pages but physical abuse will
only strengthen it. I do not look at Gandhi for his Ahimsa as Buddha was far
superior and bigger.

End of the day, Gandhi’s ideological bankruptcy on defending
the caste order only protected the Brahmanical interests but it was Dr Ambedkar
who saved his life by signing the Poona pact. He was killed by the brahmin
Godse whose interest Gandhi was serving. So, you see the irony, those who are
accused of anti-Gandhi actually saved him and those whose interest he served
actually killed him. Can you imagine what would have happened if Gandhi was
either killed by a Dalit or Muslim? Imagine it and then you will find the
hypocrisy our political class.

On his 150th birth anniversary, we need to evaluate Gandhi
as well as his failures too, a mere glorification will not serve any purposes.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

October 3rd, 2019

ताजा समाचार/आलेख