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“Non-Political” Press Conference by Women : Women pose 56 questions to the Prime Minister

“Non-Political” Press Conference by Women : Women pose 56 questions to the Prime Minister

New Delhi. May
6th 2019. A press conference was organised by
women today to highlight the challenges being faced by the “aam” janta and to
list questions that they want the Prime Minister to respond to.

interview of the Prime Minister with a Bollywood star masquerading as a
“non-political” conversation, was in fact an exercise in self-promotion in the
middle of the election cycle. It trivialised the real issues being faced by
people and completely glazed over questions related to the failures of his
government, including issues of unemployment, grand corruption, crony
capitalism, rising hate, inflation and human rights violations.

More than 150 women from across Delhi participated in the press
to highlight the targeted attacks on the constitutional rights
of women in India
. The growth of fascist and neo-liberal forces in the
country, and the resulting rise in violence in society, has deeply impacted
lives of women. An atmosphere of fear and insecurity has been fostered with a
steady deterioration in the rule of law and the basic constitutional commitment
to equality.

The last few
years have witnessed a frontal attack on the Constitution, particularly on the
freedom of expression it guarantees – the right to dress, speak, write, eat and
choose – which impacts women disproportionately. Voices of dissent have been
systematically silenced.

posed the following
questions to the Prime Minister.

56 questions for the Prime Minister and
the BJP government

1.      How many jobs were created in the last 5 years? Why is the government suppressing official data on
unemployment? EPFO (Employee Provident Fund) data represents formalisation of
economy, not job creation & most loans under Mudra are too small to create
any employment.

2.      The stated objectives of demonetisation were – unearthing
black-money, stopping terror funding, abolishing corruption and checking
counterfeit currency. Where is the evidence to show that demonetisation
achieved these objectives?

3.      Why has the government stopped publishing data on farmer
suicides since 2015? Why did the government fail to
address the issue?

4.      Where is Bhrashtachar-mukt Bharat?

5.      More than 40
whistleblowers- the real Chowkidars- have been killed since 2014 for exposing corruption and wrongdoing. Why has the
BJP government not operationalised the Whistleblowers Protection Act passed in 2014?

6.      BJP had promised that the Grievance Redress Bill (to provide
time bound and effective redress of peoples complaints) that lapsed in 2014 will be passed if the party came to power. Why has
the bill not been re-introduced by the BJP in the last 5 years?

7.      Why did the government not engage with the unprecedented
Kisan agitations in which lakhs of farmers marched across India to highlight
the agrarian crisis?

8.      By what percentage have farm incomes increased? The BJP had
promised doubling of farmer incomes by 2022.

9.      The BJP had promised to bring back black money stashed abroad
and deposit Rs. 15 lakh in every Indians bank account.
How much black money has been brought back in the last 5 years?

10.  Why is no accountability being fixed for the massive
intelligence failure in Pulwama which led to the death of more than 40 CRPF jawans?

11.  Who is funding the BJP? Why did the BJP introduce electoral
bonds which allows for anonymous donations to political parties?

12.  Why is the BJP fielding Pragya Thakur, a terror accused, who
insulted Hemant Karkare?

13.  Why did senior minister of BJP garland and welcome those
convicted of mob lynching?  

14.  BJP came to power on the plank of anti-corruption. Why was
the Prevention of Corruption Act weakened during the BJP regime by requiring
government to give permission before any investigation into cases of

15.  Ex- RBI governor Raghuram Rajan submitted a list of bank
defaulters in February 2015.
What action was taken on
that list? Why is the government reluctant to make that list – and the action
taken – public?

16.  Why doesn’t Mr. Modi address the doubts around his
educational qualifications? When results of universities are, as a matter of
practice, publicly published, why are the results of 1978 batch of Delhi University being supressed, the year in which
Mr. Modi claims to have graduated? Instead of fighting the matter in court, why
doesn’t the Delhi University make public the records of 1978?

17.  Mr. Modi had said if the demonetisation decision turned out to
be wrong, he would be prepared to face any punishment. Why is there no
government report on the decision and its impact? Who was consulted before the
demonetisation decision? Were macro economic disruptions understood and
factored for? IMF chief economist has estimated that quarterly GDP growth
declined by at least two percentage points because of demonetisation, while RBI
reports show negligible impact on extinguishing black money (99% demonetised currency deposited).

18.  Why did it take the BJP government nearly 5 years to appoint the Lokpal? The Lokpal Law was passed in 2014. The issue of the absence of the Leader of Opposition
could have been addressed by amending the law.

19.  Why has the BJP government been constantly trying to
undermine the RTI Act? First through proposed changes to rules, then by
attempting to amend the RTI Act and finally by trying to set up a sarkari
complaints committee to subvert the independence of information commissions.

20.  Why did the BJP government illegally remove the CBI Director
Alok Verma and appoint an interim CBI chief while bypassing the selection

21.  Why has there been deafening silence from the government on
the rising hate, crimes against minorities, especially muslims?

22.  Why has the Prime Minister not addressed a press conference
in the last 5 years? A press conference/interview
where the questions are not pre-screened.

23.  Why doesn’t the Prime Minister address the allegations of the Rafale scam? What was the formal procedure followed before the PM announced the purchase of 36 Rafale aircraft on April 10, 2015? Who all were consulted before the decision? Why was the Make in India and transfer-of-technology component of the original deal scrapped? Why did India agree to pay three times as much per aircraft? Why was Anil Ambani’s Company which was set up just a few days ago awarded the off-set contracts for the Rafale deal? Former French President has said on record that Modi government pushed Anil Ambani’s company as the partner.

24.  Why doesn’t the PM and the government allow a Joint
Parliamentary Committee to examine the allegations of corruption in purchase of
Rafale? If there is no corruption, what are they scared of?

25.  Why has the government failed to stop the downward spiral of
the Rupee?

26.  How did Mallya, Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi escape from India?

27.  In the last 5 years,
not a single appointment to the Central Information Commission was made unless
citizens went to court. Why did the government always fail to fill vacancies in
the RTI watchdog in a time-bound manner? Even now 4 posts are lying vacant.

28.  Why has the BJP remained silent over the murders of
journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh and rationalist M.M. Kalburgi?

29.  What is the view of the BJP on consumption of beef in the north-eastern
and southern states of India?

30.  Why doesn’t BJP accept the Supreme Court verdict in the
Sabrimala case allowing entry of women in the temple? Isn’t instigating
violence, creating a riot-like situation to prevent implementation of a Supreme
Court judgment, anti-national?

31.  Why was more than 50% budget
of the Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao scheme spent on “media-related
activities” or publicity between 2014 and 2019?

32.  Why has the government not undertaken a detailed, official
evaluation of the Ujjwala scheme? How many households use gas cylinders 3 months, 6 months
and 1 year after getting the LPG
connection? Evidence from the ground suggests that due to the unaffordably high
LPG prices, BPL women, who have received the connection, are unable to maintain
the much-hyped gas connection and prefer to go back to their original cheaper
sources of fuel.

33.  How many toilets build under Swachh Bharat Scheme are
actually in a functional condition with water supply? How much budget of the
scheme was spent on publicity?

34.  Crimes against women have increased by 34% between 2014 and 2018 under the BJP Government. What action has the
government taken to address the issue?

35.  BJP had pledged to enact the Women’s Reservation Bill
guaranteeing 33 per cent reservation for women in
the legislatures. Why was the Bill not passed? What attempts did the BJP
government make to prioritise and steer the bill through Parliament?

36.  Why has the budget for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan been reduced
every year? Education spending touched a 10-year low
in 2018-’19

37.  Why has the government failed to address severe job loss for
women leading to their economic disempowerment and exclusion? According to the
Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), in 2018, as a category, women lost around 88 lakh jobs as compared with 22 lakh jobs lost by men. Rural women lost more jobs than their
urban counterparts did.

38.  Enrolment in government schools has been declining due to
teacher shortage, quality of education. What steps has the government taken to
address these issues? How many posts of school teachers in government schools
are vacant across India? Why has the government not filled these posts?

39.  Why has the government not taken any action on the 75+ starvation deaths reported from across the country? Why has no task-force/committee been set up to look into the cases of starvation deaths and formulate appropriate policy? Why has the government been denying and supressing starvation as the cause of these deaths despite clear evidence, including post-mortem reports in some cases?

40.  What is the stand of the BJP government on the increasing
number of encounter deaths in states like UP?

41.  Why were the Land Acquisition & Rehabilitation Act &
Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation) Act (MMRDA) amended to allow
private companies to acquire Adivasi and forest land without the free and
informed consent of gram sabhas?

42.  Why did the Modi government fail to defend the Forest Rights
Act in the case in Supreme Court? What does the government intend to do to
prevent displacement of millions of Adivasis from their land?

43.  Why are fuel prices still high in India despite fall in
international prices?

44.  Instead of strengthening public provisioning for health
especially in primary healthcare, to ensure quality healthcare for all, why has
the government been pushing insurance schemes which benefit private companies?
Why was the healthcare budget slashed by the government? (slashed by 20% in 2014-’15. In
2015-’16, it was further slashed by 5.7%. This continued in 2016-’17.)

45.  Why has the budget for Mid-Day Meal Scheme been reduced from
Rs. 10,523 crores in 2014-’15 to Rs. 9949 crore
in 2018-’19? Expenditure on Mid Day meal slashed
by 21% between 2014 and 2018-19.

46.  Maternity Benefit has to be atleast Rs. 6,000 as per National Food Security Act. Why does Pradhan Mantri
Matru Vandana Yojana (PM-MVY) provision for only Rs. 5,000?

47.  Why was the Parliament bypassed on important legislative
changes by bringing ordinances (such as on amendments to Aadhaar Act to allow
its use by private companies)?

48.  What steps has the government taken to address the critical issue
of wage delay under NREGA?

49.  Why the U-turn and complete change of stance on Aadhaar?

50.  As CM of Gujarat, Mr. Modi had said entitlement of 5 kgs per person under National Food Security Act was
completely inadequate and would push people to starvation. Why did the BJP
government fail to increase the entitlement by even 1 kg per family?

51.  Why did the government fail to address the issue of deaths of
manual scavengers while cleaning sewers? Manual scavenging has been banned yet
the practice continues with people being coerced to clean sewers with no safety

52.  What is the total expenditure on the foreign trips of the
Prime Minister in the last 5 years?

53.  Why did the government choose the Money Bill route for
significant legislative changes such as Aadhaar Act or provision for Electoral
Bonds? Was it done to prevent scrutiny and debate of the provisions in the
Rajya Sabha?

54.  What is the total expenditure on publicity spent by Modi

55.  Despite clear evidence showing that claims of savings due to
Aadhaar are highly exaggerated and false, why has the Prime Minister and
government been repeating these claims?

56.  Why were trans rights groups and organisations not consulted by the BJP government on the amendments that the government brought to the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2016? What steps has the government taken to address concerns of the LGBTIQ community?

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