NPP appeal residents of Kashmir Valley to stand against all modes of violence for justice

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

New Delhi, 27th May 2019. The Chief Patron of National Panthers Party, Prof.Bhim Singh has made a strong appeal to the noble residents of Kashmir Valley to join hands against all kinds of violence to save the cultural entity of J&K state and that message of love, cooperation and secularism which the people of Kashmir Valley gave to the entire continent in 1946-47.

The NPP Supremo reminded the Kashmiries how they resisted the external aggression in 1947 and save the very spirit and message of secularism in the Asian continent.

He appealed to the people of Kashmir Valley, particularly the youth to revive the great message of love, secularism and the nationalism which the people of Kashmir gave to the rest of the country.

He also made a strong appeal to the political parties and their supporters to join hands against all kinds of violence to save the great culture, civilization and humanism which the people of the state have been following for centuries.

Prof.Bhim Singh also made strong appeal to the state leadership to not to exploit the people for their political interest and power loot for their vested interests which has been happening in the past.

NPP Supremo called on the Panthers Party workers/activists to carry the flag of love, peace, cooperation and secular unity to every village nay to every home in J&K particularly in the bullet ridden and blood soaked Valley of Kashmir which has been ushering peace and humanism to the rest of the country for ages from its saffron fields in Kashmir.

He also made a strong appeal to all those using guns to maintain peace to make full use of the chapter on the rule of law which the Constitution of India has drafted and is applicable everywhere except in J&K.

Prof. Bhim Singh called on Panthers Party activists to raise a flag for peace and humanism urging the power that be to use the weapon provided in Chapter-III of Indian Constitution on Human Rights. Rule of law should prevail over the rule of guns and those who have authority to exercise the rule of law should adhere to hold all fundamental rights of every Indian citizen from Kanyakumari to Kashmir intact. Bullets, killings or violence should not be allowed by any side. The rule of law must return to the Valley of Kashmir.

NPP Supremo called on the President of India to use his exclusive power guaranteed under temporary Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, dismiss/dissolve the present elected Members of Lok Sabha declaring fresh election for both Lok Sabha and J&K Assembly. Let people of Kashmir Valley join this voice for peace, justice and for the future of the state.

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