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Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

NPP described ‘New Media Policy’ as a grave threat to FRs and freedom of Press

Jammu, 11th June 2020. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party and Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India held an urgent meeting of the Secretariat of J&K National Panthers Party at Jammu to work out an immediate and constitutional remedy to save the Indian citizens in Jammu & Kashmir, particularly the media, from the horrible clutches of the Delhi (President’s Rule) in Jammu & Kashmir through its appointed bureaucrat as Lt. Governor in Jammu & Kashmir which was recently, on August 5th, 2019, demolished as Jammu & Kashmir State and reduced into two Union Territories namely Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir. The State of Jammu & Kashmir has been deprived of its constitutional right and even Fundamental Rights of its residents.

The State of Jammu & Kashmir was brought under President’s Rule depriving citizens of India in J&K of all their Fundamental Rights though Article 35A which had empowered the State Legislature to make any law violating the Fundamental Rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The first tragedy with the people of Jammu & Kashmir that it was converted into two Union Territories and deprived of all Fundamental Rights in spite the removal of Article 35A.

The another tragedy with the people of Jammu & Kashmir that Article 35A was allowed indirectly by empowering the administration of the Union Territory to deprive residents of Jammu & Kashmir of all their Fundamental Rights. Which was unconstitutional and not permitted under the command of the Constitution of India. PSA floated by J&K Assembly to curb Fundamental Rights of residents of Jammu & Kashmir, citizens of India have been kept alive by constitutional fraud. This is for the information of all that thousands of residents, political activists have been kept in illegal detention by Lt. Governor Government in J&K.

The third tragedy that residents of Jammu & Kashmir were deprived of all their Fundamental Rights under an old outdated State Assembly Law, Public Safety Act which is no more a valid law and its existence/validity has been challenged in the Supreme Court of India by NPP Supremo himself who is a Sr. Advocate and noted Human Right activist for nearly 50 years.

That the latest tragedy with the residents of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh is that the freedom of speech and expression and other freedoms guaranteed in Article 19, 21 & other provisions of the Constitution of India have been crucified (killed) by the rulers of J&K and Ladakh with the blessings of the national government in Delhi that a new draconian law has been framed by Delhi rulers calling it as ‘New Media Policy’ in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

The J&K National Panthers Party has expressed full solidarity and support to all those from the streets to the Supreme Court, and to the Parliament shall take up the challenge and are prepared to fight legally, constitutionally, politically and otherwise.

The Panthers Party expressed full solidarity with all those political parties, social groups and media forums which are prepared to face the gallows in order to protect and defend our freedom and respect guaranteed to all the Indian nationals including the residents of Jammu & Kashmir.

The Panthers Party has welcomed all political groups, political leadership in J&K and outside which shall join the movement to save our democracy and Fundamental Rights from the clutches of those who have threatened our Fundamental Rights and deprived our democracy by denying the Fundamental Rights to restore democracy in Jammu & Kashmir. The Panthers Party has made a strong appeal to the activists of all political parties and social groups from all over the country to support this ‘New Movement’ of the bleeding people of Jammu & Kashmir who are looking for the restoration of all their Fundamental Rights and restoration of peoples’ government in Jammu & Kashmir at the earliest.

NPP also appealed to all those who believe in democracy, rule of law and provision of all Fundamental Rights enshrined in Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution are guaranteed for the residents of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh also.

NPP Supremo who is also Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee, Jammu & Kashmir declared that the State Legal Aid Committee shall also knock the doors of the Supreme Court of India in case this draconian/dictatorial ‘New Media Policy’ is not withdrawn within two weeks.

NPP Supremo conveyed to the Delhi rulers that the people of Jammu & Kashmir enjoyed more civil liberties and political freedom during the rule of Maharaja Hari Singh from 1925 to 1947 when the rulers encouraged Journalists to publish newspapers and express their public views. It was Dogra ruler who encouraged that time in 1925 Shri Mulk Raj Saraf to publish first Urdu Newspaper ‘Ranbir’ from Jammu. The ‘New Media Policy’ deserves to be compared with the freedom of the press during Dogra rulers in J&K.4-;

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