NPP & several other revolutionary groups organized Maharaja Gulab Singh birth anniversary

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New Delhi, October 21, 2019. Several organizations, NGOs and
National Panthers Party organized a grand celebration on the birthday of
Maharaja Gulab Singh who was born in Jammu (Akhnoor). Many believe that he was
born October 17, 1792 whereas the Dogra organizations and groups celebrated his
birthday on October 21, 2019 at Jammu and other places.

A grand celebration was organized at the headquarters of the
Panthers Party in New Delhi, capital of India also. Several political and
social activists paid tributes to Maharaja Gulab Singh who founded the state of
J&K in 1846 after signing the Treaty of Amritsar with the East India
Company. It was Maharaja Gulab Singh, the first in the history to liberate the
enslaved people of Kashmir Valley by paying Rs.75 lacs (gold) to the East India
Company who had occupied Kashmir province after defeating the Sikh Empire in
the war. It was Gulab Singh who signed Agreement for paying Rs.1 crore for the
liberation of all East India Company occupied territories in Kashmir as well as
parts which fall in the Western region of Himachal Pradesh today say Kangra,
Chamba etc. Maharaja Gulab Singh could pay only Rs.75 lacs in gold and have to
keep Kangra, Chamba etc. with East India Company as he could pay only Rs.75

It was the beginning of Maharaja Gulab Singh’s Dogra Rule who was hails from Rajput-Dogra family.

Prof.Bhim Singh expressed surprise on the mentioning Maharaja Gulab Singh religion as Sikh in Wikipedia. This is mistaken/wrong interpretation because Maharaja Gulab Singh belonged to Rajput/Kshatriya dynasty of the Dogras.

The organizers in a resolution passed in New Delhi today under the leadership of Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party demanded immediate withdrawal of the Amendment Act of the Parliament of India dated August 5, 2019 which has declared that the State of J&K founded by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846 shall be recognized as two Union Territories. Termination of statehood of J&K was criticized by everyone. It was urged on the President of India to issue an ordinance restoring the statehood status of J&K (except Ladakh) without any delay in the interest of justice and equity for all the Indian citizens residing in J&K.

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