NPP urges President to convene urgent meeting of representatives of J&K political parties

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

New Delhi,
25th September 2019 : Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron
of National Panthers Party has reiterated his urgent appeal to the President of
India, Shri Ramnath Kovind to convene an urgent meeting of senior leadership of
all political parties operating in J&K including regional as well as
national political parties.

NPP Supremo
also urged the President of India to issue appropriate orders through the
Governor of J&K who is chairing the Govt. of J&K during the President’s
Rule for the immediate release for freedom from custody of the leadership of
all political parties in J&K so that fresh air shall reach the Valley and
other parts of the state where people/residents of the state have been living
in suffocation/detentions, official or unofficial for nearly 50 days in
violation of all social and political rights, fundamental and civil of those
who have been detained under one pretext or the other.

Prof. Bhim
Singh urged the President to ensure release of all those who have been arrested
under so-called/outdated/expired detention law called as Public Safety Act
which was enacted by the Assembly of J&K in 1978 when Sheikh Abdullah was
the Chief Minister on the authority of the State drawn from the application of
Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution.

NPP Supremo
asserted that Article 35-A is no more in existence as the President has
himself withdrawn Article 35-A when the President ordered the withdrawal of
Article 370 from the Constitution of India.

He said that
President of India’s direction/notification itself was enough for the removal
of Article 35-A from the Constitution of India which was temporary on record
and also was never introduced or cleared by the Parliament of India. It was an
Ordinance with its six months life which was introduced on May 14, 1954. It had
expired in November 1954 itself. And now it is gone forever following the
President shall order and the Act of the Parliament to amend temporary Article

Prof. Bhim
Singh made a strong appeal to the President of India to advice the Indian Govt.
to open dialogue with Pakistan in case Pakistan is willing to sit on a
negotiating table.

Prof. Bhim
Singh also urged the President of India to invoke the letter and spirit of Shimla
Agreement in 1972 which was signed by Indian Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi
& Pakistan Prime Minister, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Prof. Bhim
Singh made strong appeal to the President to direct the Govt. of India headed
by Mr. Narendra Modi to invoke the spirit of Shimla Agreement so that an
immediate dialogue can take place on a table between the Prime Minister of
India & Prime Minister of Pakistan. He said that there is no need nor any
compulsion to ask either India or Pakistan to dictate any terms or conditions
for a round table peace conference has both India & Pakistan had agreed in
Shimla Agreement. 

Prof. Bhim
Singh said that residents of J&K love peace and desire to live with dignity
and honour sharing the fundamental rights as enshrined in Chapter-III of the
Indian Constitution. All fundamental rights enshrined in Indian Constitution
have become applicable for all the residents of J&K after the fall of
Article 35-A. Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution have become applicable to
the state of J&K as it is applicable to all the citizens in the rest of the

Prof. Bhim
Singh also called on the Panthers Party activists to join the Panthers conclave
on October 5, 2019, which is being held at Jammu in spite of total breakdown in
communication, difficulties in moment and detention of hundreds of Panthers
Party senior functionaries in Kashmir Valley, Poonch and Doda District also.

Prof. Bhim Singh appealed to the President to issue instructions to the Govt. of J&K to allow the Panthers Party to hold this special conclave on October 5, 2019.   

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