OPPLE Claims Lighting Solution for Smart India

JBL Speaker Image OPPLE

New Delhi, 19th September 2019 : With population
crossing over 1,366,380,031 figures, India ranks
second on the population scale of the world after China. For a country with
such a mass population, the sources of energy are depleting, while the
population is growing exponentially. This is one of the major reasons, why a
country like India needs to switch to greener solutions for conserving the
already-depleted environment. OPPLE, one of the leading lighting
solution providers in the subcontinent, is enabling the population to opt for
energy-efficient solutions.

According to a press release These solutions are a no-compromise
substitute to the traditional lighting solutions, where they emit the same or better
light while consuming significantly lesser amount of electricity.

Company said, “OPPLE has been one of the leading innovators
in the field of general lighting. It has introduced its range of flicker-free
LED lighting solutions
in the Indian market to prevent many flicker
related LED issues,
leading to health hazards to the users. The brand
has 4 of its completely innovative LED-based lighting solutions that are
receiving appreciations by the users across the subcontinent. “

According to Press release here is what OPPLE has introduced
to the Indian market:

1. Smart O: With a unique name, Smart O boasts its unique design and
functionality as well. It is a flicker-free LED table lamp, which comes with an
in-built speaker. The Smart O is a 7-watt LED set up that serves the purpose of
a table lamp and wireless music player at the same time, owing to its Bluetooth
connectivity. It has 16 million colors, controlled via its dedicated smart app
through mobile phones. Smart O can function on time-based actions as well, with
setting the time in its app turns on or off the lamp, as required.

2. OPPLE Sensor Bulb: Another innovation in the field of energy efficient
lighting solutions, OPPLE Sensor Bulb is an infrared-based device that uses
proximity to function. It is an LED bulb fitted with an infrared sensor that
detects movement. When a person comes in its proximity, it automatically turns
on and stays on for a certain duration after the area is left vacant. This
technology enables saving electricity that is being wasted by leaving numerous
light sources across the living areas.

3. OPLLE Radar: Another energy efficient solution by OPPLE, the Radar is a
motion sensor LED light that detects human motion to function. It can save up
to 59% electricity, compared to the traditional light solutions and serves
ideally for homes, offices, gyms and washrooms. With 2 step dimming function,
the OPPLE Radar conserves more and more electricity with its prolonged use.

4. JBL OPPLE Light: This ceiling light is the result of when 2 technology
giants come together to create a product. The JBL OPPLE Light is a flicker-free smart LED ceiling light, fitted high-performance
JBL speaker and controlled by remote. With Bluetooth connectivity, this LED
light connects with laptops and cell phones with ease to play desired music.
The JBL OPPLE Light is fitted with warm and cold light, and functions
with low energy consumption.

Company said, “OPPLE is creating solutions that are adding to energy conservation and at the same time, enabling smart living for the citizens. Each of the above-mentioned lighting solution by OPPLE is created to add value to the industry and deliver something new to the market.”