Pakistan is more and more resembling Alice’s Wonderland

Image provided by Justice Katju

By Justice Markandey Katju

The ‘Land of the Pure’ ( Pakistan ) is becoming ‘curiouser and curiouser’, as Alice would say, and is more and more resembling Wonderland !

Consider these developments :

(1) The case relating to the hounding of the upright and independent Justice Qazi Faez Isa, Judge of the Pakistan Supreme Court, because he had dared to criticise the Pakistan Government, the Pakistan army and ISI, and those thugs the Tahreeke Labbaik.

I have already written about this in my articles given below, so I am not repeating :

See also

Thankfully, the episode has ended by exonerating Justice Isa, though after putting him and his wife ( as also the entire legal community in Pakistan ) through a horrible 2 year fiery ordeal.

(2) The revelations on Geo TV of Bashir Memon, former Director General of Pakistan’s Federal Investigative Agency ( equivalent to India’s CBI ) who said that Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Law and Justice Minister Farogh Naseem, and Shahzad Akbar, special assistant to the Prime Minister, told him to concoct and file cases against Justice Isa. He was also told to file a terrorism case against PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif and other members of the Nawaz Sharif Family :

All this has created an uproar in Pakistan. Now Bashir Memon and his family are  being hounded :

PSQCA team raids Bashir Memon son’s factory in Sanghar

(3) The Pakistan army chief Gen Bajwa held an Iftaar party last week in which he invited over 30 journalists, and spoke to them and reportedly took questions for 7 hours.

What was discussed was forbidden to be disclosed, but reportedly related to relations with India, Afghanistan policy of Pakistan, etc.

Now two points arise here :

Firstly, the army’s job is to defend the country, not dabble into politics. What the army chief said was really for the civilian govt to say. But in Pakistan everything is upside down, like in Wonderland.

Secondly, the job of the media is to inform the public. But if it was forbidden to do so, why did the journalists attend such a meeting ? What is the use for journalists to attend a meeting if they can’t disclose to the public what was discussed ?

One journalist, Ameer Abbas, has said he was present in the meeting, and though he can’t disclose what was discussed, can say that very ‘sakht’ ( tough ) questions were put to the army chief by many journalists. He also said the army chief said many ‘latifas’ in the meeting.

But without knowing those questions how can we know whether they were ‘sakht’ ?

Was a question asked about the loot by the Pakistan army, as detailed in these articles ?

(4) Prices of foodstuffs, fuel, medicines, electricity etc have skyrocketed in Pakistan, while unemployment has risen to record heights. Covid situation is bad. But all that people in Pakistan seem to be agitated about are cartoons of Prophet Mohammed made in France, while the govt blames India for all its ills.

Something is really rotten in the Land of the Pure. Things are getting ‘curiouser and curiouser’ there. One wonders when this Mad Hatter’s Party will end ?

(Justice Markandey Katju is former Chairman, Press Council of India and former Judge, Supreme Court of India.)

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