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Vidya Bhushan Rawat at deekshabhoomi
Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Peace and harmony need of the hour to protect Idea of India

Douse the flames of hatred and act impartially to bring peace and harmony in Delhi

Deeply disturbing scenes of violence in East Delhi are floating since yesterday where over 5 persons have been killed including one policeman of Delhi police in the violence. We don’t know whether they were killed in violence or police firing but according to police, section 144 has been imposed in about 10 locations of Eastern Delhi like Mauzpur, Babarpur, Seelampur, Jafarabad and other adjoining areas. The burning of cars, of market, and massive mobilisation of people as well as stones reflect a well-planned strategy to defame the protests against CAA.

As we know that the protests against the CAA in Delhi and rest of the country have been by and large peaceful with protesters sitting on a Dharana holding Constitution of India, chanting slogans for India’s unity and protecting our constitution and taking inspiration from the founding fathers of our constitution. The power of these protests is that they are being led by women who are not merely listeners but leaders too and want to negotiate on their own. The role of clergy has been diminished and traditional netas too are side-lined. Moreover, a new young dynamic leadership is emerging particularly among the Muslims. This is also a fact that most of the women would not have taken to protest if there were no distress and feeling of helplessness. What is the option other than peaceful protest and engaging with others? Shaheen Bagh that was eye opening and a celebration of our peaceful protests and engagement with fellow citizens when the state abdicated its responsibility.

Now many Shaheen Bagh’s have emerged in India and people are redefining protest movement which are peaceful and effective but then this is the thing which is hated by the hate monger on the opposite side. Government, it seems, is clearly rattled by these protests though determined not to acknowledge them. There is no concern, no seriousness and no attempt to reach out to the people and clarify about the CAA-NPR-NRC. Instead, the favourite Sanjay Gandhi model has been found the most useful where the ruling party encourages a militia of goons chanting Bharat mata kee jai slogan and actively assisted by the police in intimidating others.

There is no denying fact that BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s open threat and challenge to police that they won’t care any one including the police if the roads are not cleared in next two three days aggravated the situation. What was more disturbing that Kapil Mishra, notorious for his goondaism, foul mouth has got all legitimacy from the top leadership of the BJP and that he can abuse all protesters in the presence of a senior police officer shows his ‘power’ and ‘connection’. It also looks that Kapil Mishra is unable to digest his defeat and undeterred despite Election Commission’s chiding him he continues to spew poison every time he opens his mouth perhaps knowing fully well as that alone is the ‘biggest’ ‘quality’ to reach at the top of the party leadership.

No action was taken against Kapil Mishra till date and now the when we see the flames of hatred sweeping in the north Eastern Delhi, where police was also seen pelting stones, the pattern is clearly visible. Make the peaceful protests as ‘clashes’ and convert as if there are fighting both the side. Everywhere, there is the same pattern which make police and administration to look Muslims as if they are not Indian citizen. The whole pattern of reporting and looking this from that ‘angle’ where police has to ‘stand’ with the ‘deshbhakt goons’.

A theory is being floated that these disturbances are aimed at embarrassing India in front of Donald Trump, during his visit. In this global age, people know everything as what is happening and most of the time international media is reporting in a much better and detailed way than our propagandist channels. Secondly, why was Kapil Mishra allowed to go without arrest when he threatened dire consequences. Who is he? He can’t be allowed with these threats. It is here our constitutional bodies have to act and arrest him. There is no statement by the prime minister or home minister while the Minister of State for home is blaming Rahul Gandhi for the death of police constable. Now, these are familiar tricks to get away from accountability as what is the MHA doing in this regard. Rather than seriously pondering over the situation and introspecting what happened and how to stop this poison, the government it seems, deliberately want to prolong it to polarise the entire nation so that they can enjoy the fruits of hatred.

A Times of India reporter reported how for the entire day slogan of Jai Shri Ram were provocatively being used on the loudspeakers in the Mauzpur area.

Why has police allowed it? When people were being targeted on the basis of their identity and shops were put on flames after carefully. Delhi Minorities Commission, Chairperson Dr Zafarul Islam Khan wrote in his Facebook post that Muslim localities are being targeted and that police need to protect people and arrest armed goons roaming around and vandalising properties. Sadly, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has not uttered a word except showing his utter ‘helplessness’. Can a chief minister who won with massive mandate keep quiet and not make any efforts to bring sanity and peace? Is this entire issue merely a law and order issue or the time has come for the Central government to speak to the people and do it? How long will we allow this to happen? Can the government just get out of it by blaming the opposition and terming the protests as anti-national and by encouraging the goons to abuse the opponents of CAA.

When media does not ask questions to the power, when the police behave like a militia, when the judges sing hosannas to the power and when extra-constitutional authorities dictate us right and wrong, then, we must assume that institutions have virtually collapsed and except for ‘event management’ nothing working. They have kept conspicuous silence or targeting the opponents as if they are not the citizens of the country and have no right to speak. The Supreme Court is hearing the petition on Shaheen Bagh Protests but why protests be looked in isolation and not linked to the CAA. The delays on part of courts are aggravating the anxiety of the people as how long will we all live in this uncertainty when political executive think that dissent is seditious and anti-national. Supreme Court has defined it many times and now judges are speaking such as Justice D Y Chandrachood and Justice Deepak Gupta who have clearly mentioned that democracy is not majoritarianism and that dissent is essential for a robust democracy but then everything is bad if issues are not decided on time when people need it. Supreme Court must take up the issue when Parliament has not been able to have a meaningful discussion and Parliamentary debates these days are not to discuss and reach to a consensus but mostly ‘laffazi’ to get clapping from the respective bhakts and chamchas of netas so we don’t expect much from them at the moment. Delay in deciding these issues by the Court is hurting the very foundation of our secular republic.

We all need to join hand and save the republic before it is too late to douse the flames of hatred. Violence must be stopped and is no justification for anything. Police too must act impartially and take strict action against those spreading hatred and rumours. Our republican values, democracy and diversity is under the threat and it is our national duty to protect our nation which only possible by peace and communal harmony among all the citizens. Pushing one citizen against other and creating fears in the minds of people who do not belong to your faith or identity is no nationalism but an anti-national act. Anyone who is trying to divide India is acting against our national interest. Let all of us arise and awake so that no force can divide on the basis of our religious, caste and ethnic identities which are personal. We must protect India and feel proud of it as an Indian citizen. We appeal to all people to remain peaceful and isolate those elements who spread hatred and are violent as it will bring no solution for any one whether pro or anti CAA. Let peace and sanity prevail and we fight our battles democratically and peacefully till people get justice.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

February 25th, 2020

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