Peace without demolishing caste privileges is not possible?

Vidya Bhushan Rawat at deekshabhoomi
Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Is it
possible to speak of social justice and democracy without talking about the privileges
of those who have looted the resources as well as exploited the social system
and provided it ‘divine’ sanctity to justify the caste discrimination? I have
found this biggest challenge in India from those who claim to fight for the
‘poor’. Now we should all fight for ‘peace’ and talk about ‘protecting’ the
‘nature’. Question is who is destroying the nature and how is peace possible.

Is peace
possible unless there is a sense of guilt and acknowledgement of fact of
exploiting nature as well as people historically. How can we protect our nature
unless those who have amassed huge wealth and resources by hook or by crook,
voluntarily do so? Is it possible that the crook will voluntarily leave their
privileges whether they got from socially hierarchical positions, caste
hierarchies or state patronage?

We are
telling the people that the end is coming. Yes, end is already there but should
people stop asking question now. Should people stop seeking justice now. We
know the earth is exploited but then who exploited it. Why we hesitate in
naming and shaming them. The exploitation of the earth is not done by the
Adivasis or indigenous people. It is not done by the Dalits. It is not
exploited by the farmers. So why should all these communities be made to suffer
the guilt and thuggery of those who really exploited it.

There is massive campaign against exploitation of nature. There are natural calamities now. Climate change is the real crisis but can we handle it without involving the Dalits and Adivasis in it. There is consciousness but if we all are worried about it then we need to also think of leaving our privileges. How will you do it when the meaning of economic growth is related to sale of cars and other vehicles. How will you maintain the environment, a great level of clean air and clean water if millions wash their sins (literally) in the rivers. Of course, there is dirt also going from the big factories.

Mahatma Gandhi

Tomorrow, we
will celebrate Gandhi Jayanti. There will be marches and talks. People
would speak about his dreams, non-violence and what not as if he was the only
person who spoke about it. Will write about it in the coming days but my
question is who should become non-violent. How do we speak of non-violence
from those who are exploited for centuries? Talking and teaching non-violence
and peace to the communities exploited and shamed by the caste system will
never bring peace. Why don’t we teach peace and non-violence to those who
celebrate violence in everyday life, in their festivals, in their every deed.

Name and
shame those who exploited our system

So, it is
easy to preach everything to the communities who have protected our environment
and our lives. Important for us to name and shame those who exploited our
system. It is they who need to learn importance of non-violence and peace. It
is they who need to leave their privileges and not those who are being hounded
out in the name of environment protection. Expose those who built big corporate
resort in our forests and then talk about Adivasis encroaching those land.

continue unabated

So far not
heard a single sentence from peace nicks about why the two Valmiki children
were killed? This is not the first case and nor will this last. The Savarna
on Dalits continue unabated. Who should we talk about peace?
Shouldn’t the criminals be punished. What do you do with the community which
join hands in the name of caste?

‘We must
‘, we must end caste
we must not segregate, it is too much they say. Please go to your
village, without taking your privileged people along with you. Stay with the
most marginalised, organise their meet and then see the reactions of your
privileged friends you have not asked to come. 

should end caste system? Can it go by just removing surnames?

Who will
remove the poison in the belly? There are good people in every caste, they say.
Yes, you don’t decide your caste, you did not choose your religion and that is
fair enough but why don’t you speak against the caste atrocities, the
untouchability that these castes inflict. Why don’t you stand with those who
face such violence and I call it divine violence? Empty rhetoric won’t work.
Caste is privilege and see it, if you have sensitivity and understanding from
the villages, we all ‘love’ so much.

Will they go to those caste communities who still feel proud of their violence and have no shame in their misdeeds. We have not heard much from political class as well as champions of peace on any murders that are committed in the name of caste and come from those villages highly romanticised by the preacher of ‘peace’.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

ताजा समाचार/आलेख

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