Polarisation on religion/caste is need of ruling class: Opposite is need of new India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends first ‘press conference’, answers no questions When journalists raised questions, Modi diverted them to party president Amit Shah

The ruling class, the bourgeois class, with its present “favored” organisation/party, RSS/BJP, was successful in polarising the people on religious, caste and national ground and force fascism on them in order to plunder them, the public property and the natural resources! The previous favored party was Congress for more than 6 decades but was dumped as the rising contradiction in falling rate of profit and rising resistance by the working class, farmers and other oppressed people felt Congress as their enemy and were ready to dump the rule of the capitalist class itself, was clearly the mood of the people in 2013-14.

However, the reverse of anti-people polarisation is visible, is happening in form of mass movement, despite all the state repression and sabotage.

This new polarisation is by the conscious effort of the majority of the people, who refused to fall for the rhetoric, jingoism, so called Hindu Rashtra.

Yes, more importantly, the opposition (Here I am not talking about the opposition parties, but the people, the voters, who voted against BJP and allies, who are more than 60%!), which was in slumber, has risen and are in streets.

Women, en-mass, who were part of “home makers” and kitchen, are out in streets with the rest of the people, as part of the Mass Civil Disobedience.

Here also some of the previous elections are testimony of this, like in Haryana, Jharkhand. The opposition parties are still disunited, giving impression of being controlled by some unknown and invisible forces, possibly in control of RSS/BJP. Wonder, if they are in mood of hara-kiri?

The people’s opinion is gravitating against RSS/BJP is also due rising unemployment, inequality, poverty and hunger, homelessness and rising atrocities against women, Dalits, minorities, loss of existing education and health services! In fact, India has never seen such destruction or devastation before, economically, socially, politically, legally, spiritually! Here, also see the resistance by the people of Punjab, South and NE India!

RSS and all its outfits are losing ground numerically, ideologically despite “Verdict” in favour of Ram Janm Bhumi, Article 370 and even NRC/CAA/NPR and also more so as people are witnessing the fall of all the “independent” institutions, like CBI, Media, Judiciary, ED, IT Dept, EC.

  The paid trolls, street goons, hate mongering and fake propaganda are falling apart! There is clear cut rise of the Indian people against the fascists, anti-national rulers and politicians, who are selling Indian public property to few big capitalists, including foreign masters for commission!

India is witnessing mass civil disobedience against the traitors, liars, religious bigots, casteists, anti-women and science, anti-Dalits and minorities and is ready for a new India, based of secularism, socialism, justice, equality, without any discrimination, be it on religion, caste, gender, region!

Gp Capt Krishna Kant