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Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

President urged to restore J&K statehood, delete PSA, Constitute Advisory Committee of state recognized parties

Jammu, 29th May 2020. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party & Executive Chairman of State Legal Aid Committee urged the President of India; To restore statehood of Jammu & Kashmir as the state is under President’s Rule and its statehood has been robbed by the Union Government for malafide reasons. This was one of the oldest states in India which was founded by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846 after annexing Jammu & Kashmir with the state.

He also urged the President to exercise his special powers to delete PSA (Public Safety Act) from the rule book of the new rule of law proposed for the so called Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh as the Public Safety Act was enacted by the State Assembly of Jammu & Kashmir when J&K had its own Constitution. The present Constitution applicable to J&K is no more under the control of the Union Territory and PSA absolutely illegal, unconstitutional and therefore cannot be allowed to operate in J&K for the suppression and oppression of the political persons in J&K.

Direct Lt. Governor J&K to appoint a Delimitation Commission with representation to all state recognized political parties e.g. National Conference, PDP & J&K National Panthers Party. The present Delimitation Commission appointed by the Union Government is unconstitutional as for J&K is concerned. Two recognized state political parties namely PDP & JKNPP have been ignored thus making the Commission as unconstitutional and unacceptable as J&K is not state in the dictionary of Govt. of India. It is only a Union Territory, though, totally unconstitutional. Putting two political parties with its sitting MPs as Members of the Delimitation Commission is absolutely unconstitutional, unfair and unacceptable.

NPP Supremo also urged President of India to convene an urgent meeting of all recognized political parties functioning in J&K so that a political consensus shall be created in Jammu & Kashmir lest J&K turns a hub of the dictatorship of the bureaucracy which is governing J&K ruthlessly with the support of agencies and Police force in violation of rule of law and the Fundamental Rights applicable to the residents of J&K after the removal of Article 35A by the President.

NPP Supremo also urged the President of India to seek the relevant definition what the Union Government has introduced ‘social distancing’ being repeated widely by AIR and TV channels. He expressed surprise that a phraseology carried in USA rules as, ‘social distancing’ has been barrowed by BJP Govt. in India least realizing the difference between ‘physical distancing’    & ‘social distancing’. Definition of social distancing should have been studied by the BJP rulers in Delhi and its comparison from physical distancing.

Definition of Physical distancing in the dictionary says;

“The practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance (such as six feet or more) from other people or of avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection: physical distancing San Francisco issued recommendations for social distancing, advising residents to stay home as much as possible and avoid congregating in large groups.— Taryn Luna and Melody Gutierrez Under a new “social distancing” strategy, handshaking could be discouraged, with other, less tactile forms of greeting taking its place.— Rosa Silverman The term social distancing may be foreign to some, but the concept is one often practiced during the flu season, said Dora Anne Mills, the state’s former top health official and currently chief health improvement officer for MaineHealth & Physical Distancing has been defined as the tendency to avoid close contact with others Body language exposes our relationship to others. There is the confident demeanor of the self-assured, the plodding gait of the downhearted and the physical distancing that characterizes fear”.

NPP Supremo described this word ‘social distancing’ as an insult to the freedom struggle of the country whereas the whole Nation and its leadership stood for social unification of the country. Quoting a letter of former Prime Minister, Ch. Charan Singh written to the then Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru dated 22nd May, 1954. In that letter Ch. Charan Singh suggested a Constitution amendment to mandating inter-caste (inter-linguistic) minorities to promote inter-caste marriages for government services in the union. He also suggested that inter-caste marriages should be given preference to the general class.

He suggested if the Union Government wants to give some preference to any class of the people they should use some other word than ‘social distancing’. Following USA culture and legal norms shall do no good to promote Indian culture and philosophy.

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