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Rajiv Tyagi is no more but will the channel start with hashtag #justiceforrajivtyagi ?

Time to have a serious look at the filth and garbage in the name of ‘news’

The filth and garbage that is being produced in the TV newsrooms these days is a warning that if that goes unchecked and uncontrolled then the situation will only worsen. Unfortunately, all those who should have been chastised and castigated by the highest courts found their way through ‘freedom of expression’ while making it ironic how those who were truly dedicated to this freedom found their way in various Jails under stringent anti-terror laws of the country. This is highly disturbing and needs serious thought from everyone. I do not write here that those who are in power because it is not an unknown fact that those who are shouting aloud and violating all norms of decency and civilised debates are the ones getting protection and encouragement from the power. So, how can you ask about them when they are encouraged with the decision-making people.

The death of Congress Party’s spokesperson Mr Rajiv Tyagi immediately after a TV debate needs to be taken seriously if we need to protect the democratic environment in the country. The utter filth and toxic atmosphere that these TV channels and obviously, they are not doing out of the box but in pure instructions from the IT cells both are infamous ITs and used against the opponents. One IT is when the government rushes to officers to intimidate politicians and other IT is the party’s IT cell.

No goon can speak the language of a goon on TV channels unless he or she is given some kind of protection.

No TV anchor can speak the language like what you see on Republic TV: Udhav Thakarey mujhe jawab chahiye, tumko jawab denaa hee hogaa, tum chup nahee sakate’.

I am amazed how these filth and gutter-level debates allow this to happen. Why are we feeling so helpless when such toxic language is being used? Those who are speaking for people’s rights and facing jail have not used these words in their public life.

I think those who are concern about the quality of the debate or the poison that is being offered, should boycott it or build up their own network. In the South, most of the regional leaders have flourished because of the huge network of those parties. Both DMK, AIDMK have their own channels and not merely related to news but also entertainment. Shockingly, it was not done in the north where channels would send their representatives to these channels and then raise the blood pressure of the people.

If you see the debates, you can find how anchors instigate and look at you with scornful eyes, how they fill the gaps and hate when the ruling party spokesperson speaks. This is not a debate. This is pure hatred and division. I don’t know how any country could allow such nasty, fascist and absolutely filthy communal criminals to anchor the programmes but then that is what we have that people speak up against wrongs, they have no freedom of speech. Whether Harsh Mandar or Apoorvanand, Anand Teltumbde or Varavara Rao, they have no freedom of expression as everything they say and write about is ‘interpreted’ as ‘conspiracy’ against India while Arnab and his kind of hate mongers continue to do so without any fear.

I never realised that Bihar police was that efficient as being projected today through Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. Any untimely death is painful and if there is a doubt about the death then there should be an investigation but the way the entire episode has been converted into a ‘national’ issue is purely thuggish, to say the least. Will the same channel speak up about the institutional murders of Rohith Vemula, Dr Payal Tadvi and many other SC-ST-OBC students who feel in the alien world when they enter into these institutions and face the Brahmanical arrogance and contempt from the fellow students who never consider them their equal partners?

Those of us who have been following media trends for several decades know well that irreparable damage has been done. It is not merely damaging to our political environment but what I want to say is, watching them and participating in them is a threat to your health. If you want to not get hypertension and other diseases that these channels and their shameless owners and anchors are indulging in, then please stop watching them or joining in their debate to legitimize them. I hope our friends who appear in these shows will understand that they are only legitimising them and nothing more.

Rajiv Tyagi is no more but will the channel start with hashtag #justiceforrajivtyagi.

One needs to see the last debate that he participated and how he was hounded by Sambit Patra whose ‘freedom of expression’ remains unaccountable like many others who are vitiating our environment and poisoning it with their toxic views. It is a wakeup call and political parties, as well as those who want to protect their media, should take it up seriously to rectify it otherwise it will continue to kill our youngsters and divide society further.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

August 13th,2020

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