Ramnagar, Udhampur labour working in District Tonk, Rajasthan, mills deserve urgent attention of PM & CM Rajasthan

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

Ramnagar, Udhampur labour working in District Tonk, Rajasthan, mills deserve urgent attention of PM & CM Rajasthan

Jammu Tawi (J&K) 30th March, 2020.Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party himself resident of Udhampur District has received a terrifying E-mail from District Tonk, Tehsil Newai of Rajasthan regarding terrible State of Affairs in which 46 boys of Ramnagar & Basantgarh tehsils of Udhampur District have been laterally locked up in private mill in District Tonk, Tehsil Newai in Balaji Industry. Half of them have been out of second mill which has been shut down. And only 14/15 boys in the mills are left working. Others are dependent on the colleagues’ wages earning a bit for survival. I have been receiving urgent call and find helpless to do anything as I, myself, stand locked in my place in Jammu (J&K) and my office in Delhi has been locked to as the Supreme Court is not functioning because of Lockdown.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that he is taking liberty in this press note to mention the wagers from my District as follows. It is urged on the authorities who control Nations fate today for urgent intervention to provide the job to the ousted labourers or provide them wages they were receiving or make appropriate arrangements for their return to District Udhampur.

Group-1 & Group-2


MAZDOORS of UT J & K District Udhampur Tehsil Basantgarh.    

At present Rajasthan (Jaipur).  District Tonk Tehsil Newai

Balaji Industry.


  1. Kuldeep singh s/o Vakeel Singh r/o loudhra mob.no 7006930322
  2. Kaku Ram r/o Dandi chakal mob.no.9145883525
  3. Vipon Singh r/o kadwha mob.no.9682169632
  4. Kaka singh r/o Dhan proli
  5. Ram Singh r/o ponara
  6. Parbhat singh r/o Dandi chakal
  7. Kamal Singh R/o Dandi chakal
  8. Des raj R/o Dandi chakal
  9. Rakesh Kumar r/o Dandi chakal
  10. Yash paul r/o Dandi chakal
  11. Hans Raj r/o Dandi chakal
  12. Kuldeep Singh r/o Dandi chakal
  13. Sanjay Kumar r/o Dandi chakal
  14. Rakesh Kumar r/o Dandi chakal
  15. Karpaul singh r/o Dandi chakal
  16. Kewal Singh r/o Dandi chakal
  17. Ganesh Singh r/o shivgalli
  18. Uttam Singh r/o sadrota

19.kuldeep singh r/o sadrota

  1. Naresh Singh r/o ponara
  2. BP singh r/o Dandi chakal
  3. Som raj R/o Dandi chakal
  4. Kewal Singh r/o Dandi chakal
  5. Romal singh r/o Ghand top
  6. Rakesh Kumar r/o Dandi chakal
  7. Yash paul r/o manjuri
  8. Pawan Kumar r/o kindli
  9. Mool raj R/o baggan
  10. Chaveen lal r/o ponara
  11. Rashpaul singh r/o Dela
  12. Darshan Singh r/o Blotha
  13. Khem Raj r/o Blotha
  14. Keet raj R/o Blotha
  15. Yog raj R/o banjal
  16. Sanjay Kumar r/o basantgarh
  17. Raj kumar R/o basantgarh
  18. Yash paul R/o Blotha
  19. Shamshar singh r/o dheeran
  20. Rakesh Kumar r/o basantgarh
  21. Balwant Singh r/o jakhed
  22. Parshotam singh r/o loudhra
  23. Subash Chander r/o jakhed
  24. Som raj R/o mang
  25. Raj Kumar r/o mang

45 .  Som raj R/ o mang

Sanjeev Kumar r/o mang

46 .    Deep Singh r/ o Dandi chakal



Total 14 persons..

1.Satpaul Singh( Basant garh)

2.Balbir Singh(BG)

3.Satish Singh (BG)

4.Bittu Ram (Playee)

5.Kuldeep Singh (Playee)

6.Sheetal Singh (BG)

7.Mohan Singh(Playee)

8.Uttam Kumar (Majouri)

9.Bittu kum.(Majouri)


10.Ashok (Chakal)

11.Madan lal(Chakal)

12.Kuldeep kum(Chakal)


13.Kuldeep Singh (Chakal)   6005212395

  1. Daleep Singh(Bairiya Balota)

15.parvinder singh.(Basantgarh)

He said that he has just received a shocking note from some boys from his district working in Rajasthan in Jaipur mills whose names have been mentioned above 61 daily wagers. They come from Basantgarh (Ramnagar) in Udhampur District. Have been stuck up in Jaipur District Tonk after the mills got shut. These names are being forwarded to the office of the President of India. The list has also been forwarded with this press note to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan and the President of India for intervention.