Reorganization of J&K is the only way out to save it from political exploiters – NPP

Jammu, 25th July 2019. Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of JKNPP has questioned NC leader, Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s statement on so called Chenab Valley and questioned if Reorganization of J&K is not the solution, then what is “his” statement of so – called Chenab Valley. Can NC leader justify division of Jammu province? What is the Chenab Valley sector? What about  Poonch sector and its status?

NPP Supremo in his rejoinder to NC leader cautioned Farooq Abdullah to have a look into the history of the state and see how divisive campaign was started in J&K by the NC leaders right from 1947. He asked NC leadership to justify its stand it has taken against Delimitation and discrimination towards Ladakh and Jammu province as a whole, during their rule. Why not Delimitation in J&K? What about Jammu Province share in the Assembly?

Reorganization, is the only way to ensure political, social and economic justice to the residents of all the three regions. The only way out is reorganization to ensure a Confederation of Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu region on geographical and political basis, so that there shall be separate provincial governments with separate Assemblies for Jammu province & Kashmir region. Ladakh region in Union Territory as per demand of the residents of the area.

There shall be one  Governor, one High Court so that all Fundamental Rights granted in  the Indian Constitution, shall be applicable to all regions that so that there shall be Confederation of J&K with separate provincial governments for Jammu region, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh region in Union Territory, if the residents so demand. The present exploitation shall end and there will be peace in the state and opportunist leaders shall disappear, pointed out Prof. Bhim Singh.

There shall be no peace, no equality and no justice to the residents of Jammu & Kashmir, unless there is one Constitution, one Flag and Fundamental Rights to all in Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh.