S.C. and Shaheen Bagh : The Way Out

Shaheen Bagh

A petition has been moved in the S.C.to clear the road at Shaheen Bagh of the anti-CAA protesters. While it is lawful to take out a procession on a public road ,there is no law permitting occupation of part of ( or the whole of ) a public road.

The petitioner moved the apex court confident that the verdict is bound to be in its favour, and then the police may use force to remove the protesters with the protesters being blamed for any untoward development there. If the police misbehaved, the public anger would be against the court for permitting them to clear the road.

The court is aware that it cannot pass an order in favour of occupying a public road and make such an occupation the law of the land.

Instead, it went out of its way to find a negotiated settlement within the bounds of law to obviate the necessity of passing an order on the petition.

Now, the ball is in the Shaheen Bagh’s court.

They should appreciate the law and the apex court’s dilemma and sympathy, and opt for a negotiated settlement. Their voice has not only been heard all over the world, but has inspired the whole of the country to identify with them and rise against the abhorrent CAA. They have made this spectacular achievement not because they blocked the road but because of their perseverance , discipline , determination and inspiration.

The blocking of the road has served its purposes and has lost its relevance. Now, it is their spirit which has become an inspiration for the people and the country. They should arrive at a solution to their own satisfaction as well as that of the Supreme Court. It would not hurt their cause and inspire more respect for them.

Prabhakar Sinha