Sasikala Quits Politics: No effect on People’s Life

VK Sasikala

Power, suddenness, spectacles, drama, charisma, and such events and personalities are loved by the ignorant, poor people; who are desperate for livelihood, have lost faith in “unity and struggle” but have great hopes in some godly intervention, for which they do work tirelessly.

It is an universal phenomenon. If added with religion, nationalism, personality cult, casteism, the racism they become hypnotic. See the rise of Trump in name of MAGA (Make America Great Again) and the rise of RSS to power in India (Earlier Mussolini, Hitler). Personality cult is one of the main political weapons in India to befool the masses, especially in South India, where the film actors/actresses are treated at par with god and have risen to powers. What they do in films, through various shots, retakes, repeated practices, dummy/duplicate stunt masters, photoshops/tricks, etc. are taken to be true by the people, ignorant and desperate, behave like a herd and chant their leaders’ name.

By the way, this madness in the masses is even created, reproduced at a higher level by the corporate media, social media which is flooded with the paid trolls, education institutions that fill the minds of innocent children with charisma and faith in God and their imaginary powers, and our helplessness. Families, the smallest units of any society, are one of the hub centres, which carries forward the old rots, old illogical and unscientific practices to the new generations.

Imran Khan, the PM of Pakistan, is an example of such creation.

Another eye opening example of such herd mentality is Volodymyr Zeleniskiy, a comedian with no economic or political visions, who defeated Petro Poroshenko, a record smackdown in Ukraine’s presidential election. ( )

Well, as far as Sasikala or many other such leaders are concerned, no differences will be felt in the people’s living standard, whether they remain in politics/power or not.

In the meantime, the plunder by the corporates will continue, with more cruelty and shamelessness. People’s failure to decipher the nexus of these “political” leaders and the corporations are, in reality, not the failure of the people, but that of the Revolutionary Parties, who have lost the revolutionary line, and have joined the bourgeois politics in the race against the right-wing parties, for money, posts, power and a safe & lavish lifestyle.

Yes, there are times, when things happen in few weeks, what were not happening in decades, as the masses revolt against their existing conditions; like we witnessed in 1942, 1975-77, 2012-2014, in India, where the thug and crook politicians, and their theoreticians claim that revolution is not possible in India.

During such times, these charismatic leaders, who in reality are extreme dumb, lack every common sense, but could speechify and mesmerize the masses, are treated like criminals and street urchins, which in reality they are, are thrown out of the window. One of the tasks of the revolutionary forces is to expose these Celebrities, who are nothing but bourgeois stooges and work very exclusively for themselves.

A new social, economic, political order lurks on the horizon and can be materialized if this revolutionary situation is converted into a successful revolution, lead by an appropriate party of the working class and its various allies, like peasants, oppressed people.

(See detailed article on NDTV on Sasikala: )

GP Kaptn Krishna Kant

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