Secularism in the Indian Constitution will remain after BJP rule also


New Delhi/Jammu, August 26, 2021: The BJP leadership in power in the Union Govt. must record this message of secularism in India which shall remain as long as Bharat is there. Secularism has become the foundation of socialist, democratic and secular India which shall remain as the soul in the Indian Constitution and in the mind and heart as long as India shall survive among 193 Members of the United Nations as of today.

Prof.Bhim Singh, President of J&K National Panthers Party & Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India conveyed this statement from Panthers Party Headquarters in Jammu, J&K. He had a one-hour discussion with the Panthers Party leadership, most of them are lawyers and former ministers and legislators in J&K. Prof.Bhim Singh had studied LL.M in London University and passed out Degree of LL.M with distinction in 1972.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the countrymen about secularism which appeared in 1947 while India was divided by Muslim brethren. The entire country was facing communal conflict in India on both sides.

The world should remember that Kashmir had the majority of the Muslim population in Kashmir. It was only J&K which rose to the occasion and saved the minorities at that time. The world shall never forget that secularism ruled Kashmir even at that time.

Prof.Bhim Singh appreciated Ms Mehbooba’s statement which she gave yesterday in Srinagar appreciating Mehbooba Mufti who followed Kashmiri leader Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah defended the Kashmiri Pandit community and Sikh fraternity in Kashmir.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the whole country and the ruling leadership in India should learn a lesson about how secularism and bhaichara were defended by the Kashmiri leadership and that most dangerous period, 1947.