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Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

Shameful attitude of BJP ruled states: Jammu stranded workers held on Guj-Raj border while returning home

Jammu Tawi, J&K (India)5th May, 2020 : “It is a tragedy that the labourers from Jammu Province (J&K) working in Gujarat after their dismissal from factories/work have been held by the Gujarat Police at Palanpur (Ahmadabad) while they had hired private vehicles for their return from Gujarat to Billawar/Bani/Basholi in Kathua District, J&K. They have been stopped at Palanpur while they were travelling in private hired vehicles to J&K from Ahmadabad (Piplaj). 127 boys/labourers from Kathua District lost their jobs in the factories they were working after spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). They have been sulking like sheep/goats in the crowded halls left by the owners of the factories, they were working. Nearly a month has gone, they got no help/assistance/financial food/wages from the owners of the mills in Piplaj they were working. The factories/the mills were locked and the Jammu workers were left a stinking hall where they were staying in one crowded room with no food/no wages at all. This matter was conveyed to the Hon’ble President of India/Prime Minister of India who himself belongs to State of Gujarat. None cared”.

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 This message is being sent to Shri Ramnath Kovind, Hon’ble President of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, the Chief Minister of Gujarat as well as to the Lt. Governor Jammu & Kashmir who is a representing the President of India as Incharge of Jammu & Kashmir affairs.

Prof. Bhim Singh is also dispatching this story to the Hon’ble representatives of the Press and its representatives in India with a clear message that any damage done to the workers/boys of Jammu & Kashmir who stand stranded in different States after facing dismissal from jobs, the Union Govt. and the Administration of Jammu & Kashmir shall be responsible.

Prof. Bhim Singh is also sending this dispatch to the Chief Justice of India to treat this tragic story as public interest litigation so that justice shall be delivered to the suffering labourers/students/youth who have not been allowed to travel back to their homes in J&K by the power that be.

The contact number of the stranded boys on the Gujarat-Rajasthan highway is, “Mr. Balkar Singh (7006420388), Mohinder Singh (9682147493) & Mr. Gulshan Kumar-6005870960, he has crossed the border but others (127) are held back on Gujarat side”.

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