Sidhu : A “ Rajbhar” Of Punjab ?

Navjot Singh Sidhu, Punjab

JAG MOHAN THAKEN FROM CHANDIGARH. UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, sacked his cabinet colleague Om Prakash Rajbhar. Is cricketer –turned-politician Navjot Sidhu going on the same path as adopted by UP’s dissident minister Om Prakash Rajbhar ? Will he meet the same fate ? Will Punjab Chief Minister dare to follow UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath ? Before taking the Sidhu case, let us discuss the issue of Rajbhar first .

What the Rajbhar issue is ?

UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, sacked his cabinet colleague Om Prakash Rajbhar on Monday, May 20 for his outbursts against NDA partner BJP . Acting on the recommendation of UP CM, Uttar Pradesh Governor Ram Naik relieved Rajbhar from his post of Backward Class Welfare and Divyangjan Empowerment Minister . Rajbhar, head of Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party (SBSP), a member of NDA, had been on a collision path with BJP and UP Government since long . See some tweets of Om Prakash Rajbhar ::

Which lines
Sidhu following ?

Navjot Singh
Sidhu has also shown his resentment through his controversial and rebellious
statements during the crucial Lok Sabha election time .Reacting over this Punjab
Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday, May 19, criticized Navjot
Singh Sidhu for damaging the Congress with his ill-timed comments against him
and the party leadership in the state.

stated in an informal chat with mediapersons that If he was a real Congressmen,
he should have chosen a better time to air his grievances instead of just ahead
of voting in Punjab . Sidhu has reportedly alleged CM of a “friendly match”
with the Akali Dal at a rally in Bathinda during recent Lok Sabha elections .

On Sidhu’s allegation
on Capt Amarinder of being responsible for denial of ticket to his wife, Navjot
Kaur, from Chandigarh, Captain Amarinder said he was harming the party with
such irresponsible actions. It was not his election but that of the entire Congress,
said the Chief Minister. It is pertinent to mention here that Sidhu’s wife
Navjot Kaur Sidhu had accused the CM of being instrumental in denying her a
party ticket from Chandigarh, and Sidhu later backed her.

Other Party
fellows and ministers are also attacking Sidhu for his ill-timed remarks .

“Sidhu is
sabotaging the party’s interests by his baseless statements against the CM.
There is no replacement for Captain Amarinder Singh. Punjab voted for the
Congress under his leadership. We are with him,” state cabinet minister Brahm
Mohindra Mohindra said.

Minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot on Monday said, “Politics is not a ‘Comedy Show’
and Sidhu should quit the cabinet if he does not like Amarinder or the Party.”

Sidhu has not only challenged the supremacy of Captain Amarinder Singh for the first time . On the occasion of his Kartarpur visit during November, 2018 , when Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, known as “Captain”, had said that he had asked Navjot Sidhu to reconsider his decision to attend the Kartarpur Corridor event in Pakistan, Sidhu flatly replied, “Rahul Gandhi Is My Captain, He Sends Me Everywhere”.

Will Punjab
chief minister Captain Amarinder take any strict step to downsize
Mr. Sidhu like Yoginath ? The answer seems somewhat in negative . The reason
behind is that the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh
will not dare to take any action without the consent of the top leadership .

of Captain reflects in his statement, “It is for the high command to decide on
any action against Sidhu, but the Congress, as a party, does not tolerate
indiscipline. He personally do not have any differences against Sidhu, whom he
had known since the latter was a child. Perhaps he is ambitious and wants to be
chief minister.”

And the
congress Supremo Rahul Gandhi also does not seem to be so strict decision maker
to take such an extreme step of expulsion of Sidhu from the party or removal
from the ministership . If he had acted with the powerful hammer, no Sam
Pitroda or Mani Shankar Aiyar had issued bitter statements at crucial times .

However the
laxity in such cases always creates indiscipline, which further leads to chaos
and resentment in the party cadre .One’s extreme soberness and politeness
sometimes convey inefficiency and helplessness too.

Let us wait for the decision of the Captain of Punjab and the Captain of Congress Party .

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