Social networking giant Facebook launches digital skilling initiative for girls

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New Delhi,
Feb 6. Focussing on its mission to empower women, social networking giant
Facebook today launched a digital skilling and mentorship initiative across
five states in India that would encourage tribal girls to become
village-level digital young leaders for their communities.

Named GOAL (Going
Online As Leaders
), the initiative will train young girls from West Bengal,
Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh in digital literacy, life
skills, leadership and entrepreneurship for an year.

programme will see on-ground trainers impart digital literacy to the identified
girls through a dedicated digital skilling curriculum. Also, a set of 25 women
leaders would mentor them via Facebook or WhatsApp on a fortnightly basis.

Internet, especially social media, over the past few years has emerged as one
of the most powerful tools for empowering women from across India’s diverse
social economic backgrounds and varied cultural roots,” Ankhi Das, Public
Policy Director, Facebook -India, South and Central Asia, said in a statement.

GOAL, we seek to make the digital medium more accessible and usable for young
girls from our resource rich but economically weak tribal communities in the

“We are
confident that this network of learners will employ these skills as a means of
social and economic elevation for themselves and drive change making in their
communities,” Das said.

The programme will specifically focus on girls who have dropped out of school due to financial constraints but reside near the skilling centre to ensure regular participation, the report said.

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