Sonchiraiya talks about patriarchy, gender, and caste discrimination and it is still relevant : Bhumi Pendekar

Bhumi Pednekar

Mumbai 2nd
March 2019. Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar says that director Abhishek
Chaubey is commenting on in Sonchiraiya, including patriarchy, gender, and
caste discrimination, all of it is still very relevant. She was interacting
with media during a special session with women at INOX for Women History month
in Mumbai on Friday.

The film
shot in the Chambal ravines released on 1st March.   

is pretty male-dominated film

When asked
about the film being a male-dominated cast while she is the only fierce woman,
Bhumi said.

“It is
a pretty male-dominated film because it is a dacoit drama but while I was
filming it didn’t really matter, because everyone associated with the film,
they are such evolved minds. The film is basically a comment on patriarchy,
gender, and caste discrimination.

“Even though the film is set in 1975 and everything in the film, Abhishek Chaubey is commenting on is still very relevant. And that’s why Sonchiraiya is so special. I love the fact that he has taken up an action-packed narrative to speak about these things. It is a very rare combination”, added Sonchiraiya’s actress.


Pednekar, who has been known for portraying strong leading roles said her
character in Sonchiraiya is unknowingly strong like every woman out there.

: Bhumi Pednekar’s role in Sonchiraiya

Talking about
“Indumati”, her character in the film, Bhumi Pednekar said, “Indumati is a
woman who is so away from me. I come from a family where I am been empowered,
given the best education, a lot of opportunities, and courage. But Indumati is
someone who hasn’t seen this life or doesn’t even know this is an option. She
doesn’t even know that her living has some kind of impact on her existence and
still does some outstandingly courageous things in the film.

“I have
learned so much from her, she is full of love, is a maternal person and she is
a survivor. And I think most women are, 
we just know how to survive in a different situation. It’s just the way
we were constructed.” she added.

unveils Human factor of dacoits

‘Sonchiraiya’ starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Bhumi Pednekar revolves around Chambal dacoits and is set in the 1970s. The film sees the dacoits trying to save an innocent life.