Sr. Advocate Prof.Bhim Singh participates in Legal Seminar in Mumbai

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

Mumbai, 27th April. Prof.Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) participated in the national seminar/conference in Mumbai today which discussed legal effects of the British time Law in India on Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code.

The seminar
was inaugurated by Justice N.V. Ramana, Judge of the Supreme Court of India.
Chief Justice of Mumbai High Court presided the seminar.

The debate
ran for the whole day criticizing the code and its after effects on the businessmen
and the money lenders.

Singh who is Sr. Executive Member of SCBA felt hard on the subject and said
that bankruptcy vis-à-vis loan takers and after effects of this process does
not have any effect on more than 70% of the
population in India as this subject was closely related to the high power
traders and businessmen in the country. He expressed hope that institutions
like Bar Associations should come out with the democratic socialist doctrine
which was the soul of Constitution of India as was intended by the constitution
framers in 1950.

Singh who travelled the whole world on two-wheels for more than five years and
studied the working economy in Asia and Africa in particular said that the old
colonial laws framed by the then rulers lost their relevance after India
attained democracy. It is the total failure of the Parliament which has been
working for the protection of growth of the traders and millionaires instead of
implementing the doctrine socialism and to make people’s oriented democracy.

He said that
it was shocking that Parliament of India could not bring in common laws for the
citizens of India nor it could introduce pro-people economic system supported
by the legislation but the Parliament had proved failure to introduce the
pro-people legislation instead it has remained singing phrases for the black
and anti-proletariat laws.

The delegation of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) included Mr. J.K. Das, Mr. Pradeep Rai (Sr. Executive Members) Mr. Vikrant Yadav (Hony. Secretary), Mr. Vikas Bansal (Treasurer), Mr. Rohit Pandey (Jt. Treasurer) Mr. Upendra Narayan Mishra, Ms. Sadhna Sandhu, Ms. Anjali Chauhan, & Upendra Mishra, Amrendra Kumar Singh (Member-Executives) shall be particiting in the conference.