Sunila Gollapudi presents Andhra Natyam & Golla Kalapam dance recital!

Sunila Gollapudi presents Andhra Natyam & Golla Kalapam dance recital!
Sunila Gollapudi presents Andhra Natyam & Golla Kalapam dance recital!

Hyderabad, 17th
March, 2019: Ms Sunila Gollapudi
an Andhra Natyam exponent & Executive
Vice President, Broadridge Financial Solutions
, performed Andhra Natyam, followed by Golla Kalapam dance concer. The solo
performance was rendered by Sunila under the guidance of her guru Acharya Shri Kala Krishna, and
presented under the Nartanasala banner, on Saturday 16th March,
2019, at Phoenix Arena, Gachibowli, the recital will begin at 6.30 pm.

The concert started with the Kumbhahaarathi that is traditionally
presented in temples before starting the performance. The performances were split
into two parts. The first part presented the traditional Lasya style of Andhra
Natyam with five discrete dance pieces, the first one invoking the lord god
Ganapathi, especially the Nratana Ganapathi form, followed by Vishnu Kaivaram
depicting the leelas of playful Krishna in his Radhamadhava form. The third
item was Adhyatma Ramayanam, presenting the parashurama garvabhamga ghatam. The
fourth item presented the writings of Poteana concluded by Tarangam.

The second part of the performance was Golla
also known as Gopika Vignanam, that elucidates the
smartness and knowledge of milk maid (the gollabhama) and how she argues with a
Brahmin to prove her supremacy and skill. For the current concert Sunila
presented a portion of Golla Kalapam that included Golla Bhama pravesa ghatam
followed by an episode of selling of milk and its products like curd and butter
milk. She explains the importance of milk, curd and butter milk and the good
they do to mankind. She claims that all the gods and goddesses purchase milk
and the related products from her. The Golla Kalapam ends with explaining the
value of these milk products and how the gollabhama doesn’t really sell these
for money but aspires for jewels.

Speaking on the occasion Sunila Gollapudi said, I am passionate about dance and want to
sensitize the millennial, who have no exposure to our traditional dance forms, especially
the rich dance form, Andhra Natyam.
This inaugural show of Nartanasala is also a tribute to my masters, the
legendary Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna and his dear disciple Acharya Shri
. Today, Corporate world
too appreciates and values, employees exploring their passion, especially
passion for art. Such extracurricular interests are considered an asset for
career growth too. Millennial should delve deep into themselves and see what
interests them and embrace it passionately, art being an important part of life
can fill this void to make them complete individuals.

Who is Sunila Gollapudi

Sunila Gollapudi has been trained in Andhra Natyam under the able tutelage of Padmasri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna and Acharya Shri Kala Krishna for over 18 years. She has been a graded artist with Cultural affairs and Doordarshan.Besides being trained and qualified in Andhra Natyam danseuse and a painting artist, Sunila is driving all key Technology initiatives with Broadridge in her EVP role. She is known to be a mentor and an influential woman leader having three books to her credit now on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Big Data Engineering.

What is Nartanasala

to a press note, “It has been Sunila’s dream to build an easily accessible
platform for talented artists to come, collaborate and produce creative and
unique choreographies. She believed & propagates the Science behind these
art forms and aspire to spread awareness of our tradition and save these art
forms from becoming extinct. The inaugural show of Nartanasala is a tribute to
the legend Padmasri Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishna choreographed by his dear
disciple Acharya Shri Kalakrishna.”

is Andhra Natyam

Andhra Natyam is a traditional dance form dating back to 2000 years. It was performed by ‘Devadasis‘ in temples as a form of worship. In olden days wherever there was a temple some or the other form of dance was associated with it. Andhra Natyam comprises of the Lasya tradition of female dance and the male warrior dance called Perini with vigorous dance form is characterized by rapid footsteps and the essence is to invoke Lord Shiva.

Sunila Gollapudi presents Andhra Natyam & Golla Kalapam dance recital!
Ms Sunila Gollapudi, an Andhra Natyam exponent & Vice President, Broadridge Financial Solutions; performing a solo dance recital of Andhra Natyam & Golla Kalapam, today at Phoenix Arena, Gachibowli. The initiative was to draw and evoke interest of the millennial in this rich dance form from the Telugu states. Her guru and a renowned Acharya of Andhra Natyam, Acharya Shri Kala Krishna, was also present on the occasion.

Who is Guru Padmasri Dr. Nataraja

Nataraja Ramakrishna is the most respected Acharya who revived Andhra Natyam.
He recreated the ‘Perini Sivathandavam”. The militant male dance tradition
of the 10th century AD and ‘Navajanardanam’, a great Prabandha dance tradition.
He has written over 40 books on dance traditions of Andhra Pradesh and ancient
dance forms and served as a Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Sangeeta Natak

Who is Acharya Shri Kalakrishna

Acharya Shri Kalakrishna is a leading exponent of Andhra Natyam. He is one of the senior most disciples of Guru Nataraja Ramakrishna and was trained under him in Andhra Natyam. Navajanardana Parijatam and other Temple dance traditions of Andhra in Guru Shishya Parampara. He has been bestowed with “Abhinava Satyabhama” title and is known for the female incarnation based roles.

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