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Congress party’s ‘Contribution’ to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya


Those who expect political class to be a ‘revolutionary’ and ‘radically’ ‘secular‘ live in great illusion and should form their ‘own’ outfits which their own families will not support. Intellectualism and politics, frankly do not go together. Politics is sentiments, emotions and all the Saas-Bahu masala that we love to …

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Remembering Martyrs of First War of Independence.


April 24, 1857, was a Friday. Col Carmichael Smith, commandant of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry Regiment, had ordered 90 sepoys to assemble and use the disputed “greased cartridges” in Meerut. The previous evening, the sepoys had taken an oath not to touch the cartridges. Thus, out of the 90 …

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Hindutva : Myths and realty

Shamsul Islam

[This essay is in response to demand from friends across the globe to make available a concise primer on the toxic ideology of Hindutva based on its own archives for ready reference.] Introduction The term Hindutva took birth with the appearance of VD Savarkar‘s book titled Hindutva in 1923. Savarkar’s …

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Patriotism of cowardice and enslaved Mind

Dr. Prem Singh, Dept. of Hindi University of Delhi & president of Socialist Party

The RSS/BJP’s brand of fake, hollow and hypocritical patriotism prevails because there is no authentic alternative to it. Therefore it is prevailing. As long as this brand of patriotism will run, the real crisis before the country - freedom from the anti-imperialist forces - cannot be resolved.

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