Alice in Puristan : the King of Puristan

Alice in Puristan By Justice Markandey Katju One summer day a little girl called Alice was dozing in a meadow when she saw a white rabbit in a blue coat running on two legs, exclaiming ” I am late ” while looking at his pocket watch. The rabbit jumped into a hole, and following it Alice too ran and jumped into the hole. She went down and down, until she fell on a huge pile of horse manure, which saved her from being hurt. Brushing aside the manure, she got up, and looking around saw countless more heaps of horse manure everywhere. Some people who were moving around told her, on her enquiry, that this country was called ‘ Puristan ‘, i.e. the land of the pure, where everyone was supposed to be ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Amin’ i.e. pure and incorruptible. Puristan had an elected monarchy, and the King of Puristan was one who had come to power on the slogan of fighting corruption. Of course, he had to make some slight compromises, as is inevitable in politics, by giving tickets to many dubious ‘electables’ in the elections and courting religious bigots, but otherwise, he was totally incorruptible, as he had repeatedly asserted, and he had launched a powerful crusade against corruption in the country. Alice asked some of the people there why there were so many heaps of horse manure, to which they replied that it was because the people of Puristan were fond of horse-trading, so naturally many horses were required, which resulted in lots of horse manure. An election for the Senate of Puristan had been held the previous day, and the Finance Minister of Puristan was defeated because many of his party’s voters voted for the opposition candidate. When Alice asked whether this was because such voters had been purchased, the people were shocked out of their wits. ” This is Puristan ” they said, ” the land of the pure. No human being can be purchased here. But of course there is no bar on purchasing or trading  horses “. “But in this election human beings…

Arvind Kejriwal

Chronology of Arvind Kejriwal’s flirtation with Hindutva

Shameless Kejriwal : Neutrality at this point of time only means connivance with hate mongers The Delhi government sanction to prosecute sedition charges against former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and other unambiguously reflect the agenda that AAP is following and all those who believed that Kejriwal is a different politician ‘focused’ on governance model will be shocked, though people like us who have followed and known Kejriwal and Anna Hazare’s movement well would clearly suggest that what we are witnessing today in the form of Hindutva nationalism is nothing but a legitimised outcome of Anna Hazare movement, a majority of who were highly anti-reservationists and against very concept social justice. It is the same people who during 2014 elections had said that ‘Ooper Modi, Neeche Kejriwal’ but the chronology of Arvind Kejriwal’s flirtation with Hindutva can be well judged during this election for Delhi Assembly where he refused to say anything about CAA and said that Shaheen Bagh protests are hindering the public traffic and creating obstacles for the smooth traffic. Afterwards, he continuously not merely evaded and send clear signal that he never wanted to be associated with anything which look like a support to Muslims, even if these demands would have been legitimate. Shamelessly silent Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Admi Party Now when Delhi saw an attempt to repeat the dark days of 1984, the chief minister like the other leaders of the BJP government did not bother to speak. Rather, he continued with we are helpless without police. An elected chief minister, who got a massive mandate, Kejriwal might not have gone to Shaheen Bagh or any other protests for the fear of the ‘political compulsions’ but when people are dying in the street by thugs and goons openly supported by politicians, it was his duty as representative of the people of Delhi to visit these areas and apply soothing balm but he did not do so. Why? Is it because, he would have seen what his ‘ I love you Delhi’ people have done to each other? There is a clear pattern visible about…