Pak SC is entirely responsible for the crisis in Pakistan: Justice Katju’s article

pakistan supreme court

The PDM is no doubt to blame for defying the court order, but the greater blame rests squarely on the Supreme Court for buckling under pressure, surrendering to blackmail by the PDM, and developing cold feet when it came to doing its duty to enforce the Constitution.

Holding National and Provincial Assemblies elections together in Pakistan

all parties conference on 20 September 2020 in which pdm was founded (Voice of America, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Pakistani people are not fools. They know that Imran Khan is basically honest, while the PDM are a gang of dacoits and that is why PDM is opposing elections to avoid facing the wrath of the people and being routed at the polls.

High Noon for the Pakistan Supreme Court

pakistan supreme court

By Justice Markandey Katju ” Nahin kuch subha-o-zunnaar ke phande mein geerai   Wafadaari mein sheikh-o-barhaman ki aazmaaish hai ”                                              Mirza Ghalib Today, 19th April, will be the High Noon for the Pakistan Supreme Court, the day when it will be tested for its wafaadaari ( faithfulness ) to the Pakistan Constitution. the day…… Continue reading High Noon for the Pakistan Supreme Court

Is Pakistan heading towards civil war? What is Justice Katju’s opinion?

pakistan supreme court

PDM Govt is under the law, not above it. The supreme law of the land in Pakistan is its Constitution, and Article 224(2) is part of it, which the Supreme Court is duty bound to enforce. It is the Constitution which protects the people of Pakistan in peace and security, and failure to enforce it will lead to chaos, jungle raj, and may even result in civil war.

Has Pakistan descended into a state of Matsya Nyaya? Writes Justice Katju

big fish eat small fish

Article 5 of the Pakistan Constitution says that all citizens are under obligation to obey the Constitution and the laws, and Article 190 says that the executive authorities (which would include the Federal Cabinet) will act in aid of the Supreme Court. But the Pakistan Govt in essence has said it will not comply with these provisions.

What is going on in the Pakistan Supreme Court?

pakistan supreme court

By Justice Markandey Katju I was a lawyer for 20 years in India and a Judge for another 20 years ( including being the Chief Justice of 3 High Courts and a Judge in the Indian Supreme Court ), but I can’t make head or tail of what is going on in the Pakistan Supreme…… Continue reading What is going on in the Pakistan Supreme Court?

Is the right to bear arms a fundamental right? Know from Justice Katju

should indians have the right to bear arms 1

the right to bear arms is embedded in Article 21 of the Constitution and hence it is a fundamental right. No doubt this right, like all fundamental rights, is subject to reasonable restrictions, but the reasonability of the restriction must be judged from the point of view of the prevailing social conditions and not in the abstract

Saad Hafiz’ pipe dream

saad hafiz

Many well intentioned people, like Saad Hafiz, advocate removal of trade barriers between India and Pakistan. They forget that if trade barriers were lifted there would be integration of the economies of India and Pakistan, and economic integration is a precursor to political integration. For the same reason visa restrictions will not be lifted.

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