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Delhi riots

Human life in Delhi has become so cheap : Dr Birbal Jha

New Delhi, 03/03/2020 : As a child, I went to a village school where the students from different castes, creeds and religions were seated and taught together under the same roof without any discrimination. In class six, my first teacher of English, Md Ali, popularly known as Maulavi Saheb, who taught me the ABC of English, was from the Muslim community. At the 12th standard, the teacher who had provided me with tuition and guidance in Spoken English Skills was none other than Prof Ahmed. He steered me through the ocean of the English language in such a way that I developed my linguistic abilities to the extent of sharing with others. Later on, in 1993, I laid the foundation of British Lingua from where more than two lacs of students have graduated with a fair degree in English communication skills that open a window on the world as English is said to be a passport to success in today’s job market and career growth. British Lingua with the intake of trainers and trainees from all sections of society, irrespective of their religious faiths or political affiliations for three decades has been engaged in skilling youth who the country hinges on. The immediate neighbour at my workplace is a Muslim fellow. The landlord I have worked with is also a Muslim fellow. We have no issues and hold no grudges against each other. They have their religious freedom. I have mine. We are not supposed to mix our religious sentiments with our work. We co-work happily with the mission of taking the English skill to Indian youth irrespective of their tenets, ideology, political affiliations, and religious faiths. Sadly I get reminded of the early 90s when the former Chief Minister of Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is currently languishing in a jail of Jharkhand, assumed the post and began to commit atrocities against people, delivering hate speeches. One of his provocative slogans was “Bhura Baal Saaf Karo” meaning to finish Bhumihar, Brahmin and Rajput known as the upper caste of the culturally diverse society in the state. My body begins…