National crisis in US

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George Floyd killing? National crisis in US, NPP expresses sympathy with family of George Floyd, killed under Police nose

Jammu, 01st June 2020. National Panthers Party Executive Committee expressed sympathy with the family of George Floyd a black US national who was killed under Police nose on Friday in full public view. The US Press and public in its opinion has charged the failure of US policy and the US President Trump has been under fire from all angels, public and Press. Prof. Bhim Singh, Supremo of National Panthers Party and Executive Chairman of World Peace Council (India) in cooperation with General Secretary of National Panthers Party, Ms Anita Thakur and Secretary, Mr Gagan Partap Singh among others held a meeting at Panthers Party Headquarters in Jammu Tawi, Capital of Jammu & Kashmir this morning and expressed tearful sympathies with the family of George Floyd who was publically killed in Rose Garden event. The Panthers Executive Committee in a resolution condemned the incident, expressed sympathy with the family of George Floyd as well as with all suffering people of USA particularly those who are not that white. The NPP also expressed surprise that the US President, Mr Donald Trump instead of expressing shock on the event and expressing sympathies with the family of George Floyd has announced that the US would withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO), ignoring the great tragic death of George Floyd. Bhim Singh who travelled around the world for five and a half years on motorcycles on Peace Mission (1967-1973) travelled through the United States of America from the South to the North said that the people of the USA were very pleasant, friendly and caring but he expressed surprise on the latest tragedy of George Floyd. NPP also expressed surprise on the technical silence of leading democrats and the republican leaders, senators in the US on the killing of a black citizen of the US.