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Need for the revival of Statehood: urges JKNPP

JKNPP urged the President of India to revive Statehood & hold Assembly elections in J&K   Jammu/Srinagar (J&K) November 26, 2021: The senior leaders of the J&K National Panthers Party in a conference urged President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind to intervene to revive the Statehood of J&K in the interest of the security of the State (J&K and Ladakh). The security in the State is passing through difficult times and the present administration is not finding itself easy to handle the situation today. The Panthers Party shall be holding an urgent meeting of the party in the middle of February 2022. The party shall be inviting the leadership of other recognized political parties in J&K like the J&K National Conference, People Democratic Party as there are only three recognized parties in J&K namely National Conference, PDP and the Panthers Party. The leadership of the Panthers Party in Ladakh, Kashmir province and the Jammu region shall be invited by J&K National Panthers Party to hold a joint meeting at Jammu as weather conditions in Ladakh and Kashmir Valley shall not permit a comfortable political get-together in Kashmir Valley or Ladakh. The President of JKNPP in a circular issued to the District Presidents of J&K and Ladakh has invited the names of the candidates who shall contest the next Assembly elections in 2022. The Panthers Party has already submitted an urgent request to the President of India to hold the Assembly election in J&K after restoring its Statehood which was demolished on August 5, 2019. The Panthers Party shall also announce an Organising Committee of J&K and Ladakh which shall organize the next Foundation Day of JKNPP on March 23, 2022. Mr P.K. Ganju, Sr. Vice President conveyed that the Disciplinary Committee which is working under his command shall also hold the meeting of the committee next week to take appropriate action against the erring office bearers of a district and suggest the President reorganize such districts which need immediate reorganization with the induction of new office bearers of the District Committee.  Who betrayed PM’s assurance? Asks Prof. Bhim Singh 10 November…

Prof. Bhim Singh

Who betrayed PM’s assurance? Asks Prof. Bhim Singh

Prof. Bhim Singh who attended Delhi Conference called by PM blamed Union Govt. for its failure   Jammu/Srinagar (J&K) November 10, 2021: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi who convened an all-party meet on J&K in New Delhi on June 24, 2021, has reacted sharply blaming the Union Govt. on the ruling parties in Delhi for total failure to implement the assurance given by the Prime Minister in his concluding remarks on June 24, 2021. Prof. Bhim Singh, the President of J&K National Panthers Party (JKNPP) who was one of the invitees who participated in the conference. In his strong reaction as reported in the press said, “J&K Panthers Party Chief Bhim Singh said he demanded full statehood and elections and that a delimitation process should be initiated only after an elected government is in place. Singh added he also complained about the absence of representatives from Ladakh”. Prof. Bhim Singh while addressing the Working Committee members of JKNPP at Jammu expressed shock on the failure of the Union Govt. to implement the hard expressed assurance of the Prime Minister. The NPP Supremo told the senior Panthers Party leaders that the negative thinking leadership in the Central Govt. failed to understand the message which Prime Minister Modi had conveyed to the people of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh, though, the leadership of Ladakh was not invited at all and the Prime Minister failed that day to answer this polite question raised by Prof. Bhim Singh. Prof. Bhim Singh urged the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi that his assurance to restore peace in J&K shall be implemented yet it never happened. He regretted that the BJP and other supporters in the BJP never advised the Prime Minister to implement his assurance. Mr. Modi had assured the leadership of all political parties of J&K that he shall follow the consensus which was sure;            i).       That Statehood of J&K shall be restored without delay. ii).      That all fundamental rights guaranteed to J&K shall be implemented in respect of all residents of J&K. iii).     That a democratic government shall be installed in J&K which suddenly…

Prof. Bhim Singh

NPP asked on ‘Quit India Movement’ day, the corrupt & communal leadership to quit Parliament

Jammu Tawi (J&K) 9th August 2020, The Jammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party leaders held several online meetings in Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Tamil Naidu, Rajasthan, UP & other places in the country reminding the corrupt & communal leadership that their time is gone as people of India understand the message of Mahatma Gandhi he released to the citizens of India to fight for freedom and liberation demanding all human rights for all on 9th August 1942 when he delivered the revolutionary message to all Indians to join the ‘Quit India Movement’ against the British rulers. Delivering his message, Prof. Bhim Singh gave a call to all the political parties and the leadership in the country to understand Mahatma Gandhi’s message which he made calling out to Do or Die in the Quit India Movement. Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the new generation that it was this ‘Quit India Movement’ launched by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi which united the entire country and the people sacrificed to achieve freedom from the British rule only after 5 years from the start of ‘Quit India Movement’ in 1942. Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the younger generation that the Indian Youth Congress activated this movement with the reminder to the youth of country under the leadership of Indian Youth Congress in which Prof. Bhim Singh also participated at Janpath Chowk in New Delhi. President of Indian Youth Congress, Mr. P.R Dass Munsi and the National Youth leadership from J&K to Tamil Naidu and Dwarka to Manipur participated in a glaring get-together organized by IYC. The then President of NSUI (National Students Union), Mr. Ranga Rajan Kumar Manglam also spoke. Mr. Bhim Singh, the then Secretary-General of the Indian Youth Congress also addressed the historic 9th August rally. Mrs. Indira Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India was the Chief Guest. It was a great occasion to hold 9th August rally at Janpath Ground. Prof. Bhim Singh reminded the new generation about the great fiery, secular and revolutionary role of the Indian youth at that time and the message on 9th…