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Indian society and polity need to develop scientific temperament as envisaged in our Constitution.

Recent happenings in our India specially protests, communal strife and economic slowdown  has led to considerable damage to our socio-economic order, hence in this context it is a necessity to discuss the relevance of Fundamental Duties as per Directive Principles under Part4( Article 51A) of the Indian constitution added by the 42nd amendment in 1976. Specially Article 51A(H) among others incorporates the need to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform; The requirement here is to understand the relevance of fundamental duties in a democratic state and how they are important to inculcate a sense of discipline amongst us, which is often not discussed in the public domain and is something the masses are unaware of. The  Directive Principles of state policy embodied in Part 4 of the constitution, are directions given to the state to guide the establishment of an economic and social democracy, as proposed by the preamble, they set forth the humanitarian and socialist instructions that were the aim of social revolution envisaged in India by our constituent assembly. The Directive Principles act as a check on the state; theorized as a yardstick in the hands of the electorate and the opposition to measure the performance of the government at the time of an election. I specially want to make an emphasis on the scientific temperament, which the founding fathers of our constitution wanted to be instilled in the young minds of this great nation Science has lifted the world’s living standards and this scientific outlook has helped humanity in ways one cannot imagine, helping the world’s living standards for several centuries. It could certainly help India resist the ravages of hatred, in acceptance, intolerance which compile to form disharmony in our society. The development of scientific temperament in society can be defined as a way of life, which may include empirical reasoning, analysis, experimenting, testing, analysing and communicating (order can be changed) hence, application of logic in understanding the term of scientific temperament as mentioned in the constitution is fundamental. A beautiful insight about it is mentioned by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru…