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Top 10 natural skin and hair care tips for Holi

How to celebrate Holi Don’t let colours damage your hair or skin this Holi. Here are ten natural skin and hair care tips: Oiling: Oil your hair with warm coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil. If you have dandruff add 8-10 drops of lemon in your oil and liberally apply the mixture in your hair. Apply oil all over your body, including hands, feet, and elbows. Do the oiling part at least 20-25 minutes before you start. Moisturise: Use a generous amount of moisturizer with sunscreen all over your body, especially behind your ears and ear lobes as these are areas one tends to neglect. Make sure that the moisturizer has an SPF as you do not want to catch a tan from the sun! Clothing: Wear dark colour-full sleeves cotton clothes. Synthetics would be sticky and denims would be heavy once you have a bucket full of water splashed on you. Ensure that the clothes you choose to wear should cover maximum parts of your body. The best choices would be high-necks or full-sleeves. The rule; the more you cover your body, the higher are the chances of saving your skin from colour harm. Nail paints: Protect your nails by applying nail polish as this will give you a protective coat. Water: Drink loads of water before you start playing Holi. This will keep your skin hydrated. Also keep sipping water carefully while playing Holi. Lips and Eyes: Don’t wear lenses. In fact, completely avoid wearing lenses or glasses. But if you cannot do without glasses, just be careful while applying colour. Mostly people are interested in applying surprise colours on your face and the edges of your specs might hurt your face. For lips, apply a lip balm generously. Don’t get waxing, threading, facials or skin treatment done at least 3-4 days before Holi. Soothing: Use an aloe vera gel, cucumber juice or at least a rose water bottle handy with you, just in case get some irritation from a colour, these would act as soothing agents. If you have acne avoid scrubbing your face past Holi. Use a paste of raw milk and…