Nazi party

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on Union Budget 2020

Modi’s Anti-national Government. Anti- national is a government and a party which discriminate against and target her own people.

What is an Anti- national government? It is a government which divides the people, accuses its opponents of loyalty to some foreign country and creates the bogey of a grave threat from a foreign country. Modi is guilty of each of them. He keeps on harping on a false threat from Pakistan. Pakistan is too poor to fight us. It is virtually a starving country running here and there with a begging bowl. Wars are fought with money. Pakistan does not have to afford it. To speak of a threat from Pakistan because it sends a few terrorists from time to time is laughable. It is like telling an elephant that it is in danger because a few mosquitoes are going to bite it. Occasional Infiltration by Pak terrorists are nothing more than mosquito-bites to gigantic India. The skirmishes at the border and the so-called surgical strike are actually meant to befool us, meant to mislead us and make us believe that India is really under threat from Pakistan. And with all the bravado, we can’t really defeat Pakistan in an all-out war. True, Pakistan is no match for us in a conventional war. Our Army, Air Force and Navy are much too big for Pak’s. But we cannot beat and occupy her because she has more than 100 nuclear bombs. Will any country surrender to her enemy before using her nuclear bombs? And if there is a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, crores would die on both sides. Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities would be wiped out. The same would be the fate of Pakistan’s cities. Nuclear weapons are for keeping more powerful enemies away and not for winning wars (In 1945, US could use it in Japan because no other country had an atom bomb). USA accepted defeat in Vietnam and Soviet Russia Union in Afghanistan but did not use its nuclear weapon. But they would use them to defend their independence and honour. Pakistan would also use them to save her defeat and occupation by India. Modi misleads us by telling us that the Congress…