neo-liberal or corporate politics

Arvind Kejriwal

Political Narrative by the Ford Foundation Progeny

Recently, I came across a news piece published in the ‘Indian Express’ in which Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had claimed that they have changed the narrative of politics. There has been a grand debate ranging from the end of history to the end of ideology since the last decade the past century . This propagated ‘endology’ apparently meant that an ultimate ideology/system had been achieved in the form of neo-liberalism. So, the need for some other ideology in the world is gone forever. This ultimate ideology is referred to by many names, for example, high-capitalism, corporate-capitalism, market-capitalism, consumerist-capitalism and so on. One may also put it simply  as neo-imperialist capitalism. A world-wide system of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) had been created to address the immediate problems arising in the system built under this very ideology. The people running this system have been seen, symbolically, as the ‘children’ of Ford Foundation in this article. The children of Ford Foundation can make any claim, because it is their own system. Now they also practice politics by using India as its gateway. Like  free economy, their politics too is  ‘free’ even from the Constitution. There is a declared prohibition for any ideology, present or possible, other than neo-liberal ideology in their politics and political narrative. The number of the children of Ford Foundation is steadily increasing in India. Those who undertook election campaigns of political parties with a promise to ensure them victory have also started venturing into active politics. One can witness the fact that under the sway of  neo-liberal or corporate politics, while the language of politics has rapidly sunk from bad to crass on the one hand, the meaning of political terminology has degenerated from corrupt to evil, on the other. Let’s see in what sense Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has changed the narrative of politics. The narrative of neo-liberal politics, obviously and undoubtedly, will be ‘new’. There is no point in nursing the hope that the children of Ford Foundation would do something different, or not do what they are already doing. The only suggestion that can be made…