Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Six Ways to Lower Your Risk for Stroke Infographic 1Six Ways to Lower Your Risk for Stroke Infographic 1

Timely diagnosis of stroke can prevent patients from paralysis and death

Remember the 6S method and rush to the hospital Advanced treatment modalities can successfully treat stroke patients By Dr Shailesh Jain, Principal Consultant, Neurosciences, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi The brain being the most enigmatic and important organ of the body is kept well protected on all sides by the skull. Yet with a bad lifestyle and pertaining ailments, it may be exposed to various dangers plaguing mankind. Stroke is one such disease that affects almost one in every four individuals, worldwide. The prevailing incidences of stroke is quite evident that an epidemic like the situation is bound to prevail in India, as more and more young Indians (20-40 years of age) are under its radar. When almost 80% of all stroke incidences are avoidable or preventable, what is the prime reason that is deteriorating the health of the youngsters? Not only is the duty of the medical fraternity to increase awareness about the risk factors of stroke and ways to prevent it, but the younger generation also needs to adopt certain lifestyle changes to prevent a stroke from becoming an epidemic. Pertaining to poor lifestyle choices, especially in the eating habits, the intake of junk food, meat and eggs, cases of coronary arterial Diseases, stroke and intracranial haemorrhages have gone up in the past decade. While cumulative effects of poor lifestyle including stress, smoking, and bingeing on alcoholism, poor eating habits and lack of physical activities have been attributed to causing a stroke, healthy dietary consumption has strong pieces of evidence in prevention of at least 80% of all strokes. As per the recent data provided by WHO, every 40 seconds someone has a stroke and every 4 minutes someone dies of a stroke attributing to a plethora of reasons with leading factors like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and obesity. From the global statistics of stroke, India leads in the number of people affected with stroke, and are extremely unfortunate to have one of the highest incidences of brain attack in the world as well. Strokes can be deadly! Brain attack is a serious and…