Nitish Kumar

attempt to intimidate independent media

Stop them spreading hatred before it is too late: The TV channels today have turned the biggest anti-national

The air is more polluted than what used to happen during the worst period of a natural disaster or December winter when Delhi would be choked in heavy toxic smog. This time the contamination is not natural as because of Covid-19, the birds have acquired their spaces and the sky is looking absolutely stunning while we can breathe now while walking around but the contamination and pollution are now artificially created by the political masters. Look at the TV channels and how shamelessly they have reduced an entire incident of a painful death of a film star into a ‘national issue’ spreading hatred and speaking the language of misogyny.  A young girl who was a live-in partner of the dead star is being humiliated and harassed in public, her family is being under media gaze and reporters harassing her. There are three of India’s national agencies such as ED, CBI and also Narcotics and Drugs related bureau investigating her case. Some of the netas are now asking NIA to look into ‘foreign’ connection. It looks Rhea Chakravarty has been converted into India’s ‘villain no 1’.  And through targeting her, the aim is to bring the Muslim angle from the back and then attack Maharashtra government as well as Congress Party to ensure a ‘massive’ victory for Nitish Kumar in Bihar during the next elections scheduled within three months from now. We all know that the Nitish government has miserably failed in Bihar in handling the Covid-19 crisis as well as the flood situation in Bihar remain critical. It is this media which has forgotten Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder or that of Dr Payal Tadavi or missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed. None of them ever bothered to investigate these issues honestly and their only aim was to victimised the victims in these cases and create a conspiracy theory around them alone. All those who stood for the honest probe in these cases were hounded and termed as anti-national. None of them ever bothered to seek CBI inquiry. None of them ever discussed the issues so much on their prime time as…