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Prof. Bhim Singh

CEC urged to take criminal action against UHM & others using unparliamentary, offensive words

Srinagar/Jammu/New Delhi November 25, 2020: Prof. Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Chief Patron-JKNPP urged in a letter addressed to the Chief Election Commissioner of India to take urgent criminal action against the Ministers in Govt. of India namely Union Home Minister, Mr Amit Shah and his State Minister, Mr Anurag Thakur who have been repeatedly using unparliamentary and offensive words against two recognized political parties in J&K namely NC and PDP. Prof. Bhim Singh said that he was shocked by the offensive language which BJP ministers and leaders have been using against the said political parties in J&K calling them as ‘Gupkar Gang’. In his letter addressed to the Election Commission of India urged CEC to take urgent criminal action against those who have been using this criminal language against the recognized political parties which represent the Indian citizens of Kashmir in Parliament even today. Prof. Bhim Singh also urged the Bar Council of India to take up this matter for appropriate action so that honour and legal sanctity of democratic system shall not be insulted criminally by the Ministers in Union Govt. This is, he said in his letter, is a criminal offence and amounts to a challenge to the integrity of CEC itself. Should a political party recognized by the CEC be abused as a gangster? Shall this statement of Union Ministers and recognized political party, BJP, not amount to defamation? Is it not a challenge to the integrity of the CEC itself? Prof. Bhim Singh urged the CEC for an immediate criminal action against all those officials or non-officials including newspapers using this word, ‘Gupkar Gang’ against two recognized political parties thus challenging the dignity of Election Commission of India which has recognized these parties. He said that the political party he represents is a third recognized political party in J&K National Panthers Party. He wrote to the CEC that the Panthers Party has no political association with the two political parties; NC and PDP. He said that he and his party have suffered jails and discrimination during their rule. But, this is…

Prof. Bhim Singh

NPP Supremo expressed anguish on the letter addressed to the public by Prime Minister Modi

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of J&K National Panthers Party and Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India wrote a strong letter to Prime Minister Modi in response to the Prime Minister’s open letter to the countrymen. NPP Supremo in his open reply to the Prime Minister, Modi Ji, has raised the pertinent issues/subjects concerning public interest which have been either ignored or diluted or even crushed by the Prime Minister. In his letter, NPP Supremo sent his open letter to the Prime Minister in 12 points ranging from Ram Janam Bhumi to the foreign policy of India and the consequential effects on India’s foreign policy and Non-Alignment. The letter is produced below for public opinion and information of all: “Hon’ble Prime Minister, Modi Sahib, It is my pleasure to read this morning your letter as Pradhan Sevak to the citizens of India about your government’s one year achievements. I feel that translator has not been very careful in translating your letter into English. However I would like to appreciate your letter and your efforts to plead for your government’s case before 130 crores. I would like to express my views as one of the humble citizen of India in Jammu & Kashmir in the following paragraphs. ‘You have mentioned that your government scrapped Article 370 from the Indian Constitution. This movement the Panthers Party has been following since its creation in 1982 seeking amendment in Article 370. It is surprising that the Instrument of Accession that was signed by Maharaja of J&K in 1947 has been accepted nor its command has been amended. The Maharaja signed the Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947 retaining three subjects namely Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communications with Allied Matters. You have nor your government has mentioned a word regarding the Instrument of Accession vis-à-vis State of Jammu & Kashmir. ‘Your government has retained Article 370 (1) without referring about the status of the Instrument of Accession. ‘That without integrating the State of Jammu & Kashmir, you have demolished the statehood of Jammu & Kashmir by converting only one half of it…