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Modi and Trump in Howdy Modi at Houston

Howdy Trump : The wall of contempt and hatred

US President Donald Trump is coming to India during February and Gujarat is ‘preparing’ to give him a ‘grand’ welcome at the Sardar Patel Stadium where about one lakh fifty thousand ‘deshbhakts‘ will be brought to ‘listen’ to the US President. The obsession with Gujarat and Gujaratis is the prime focus of the Narendra Modi government. Even when they want to claim that they are a pan Indian, national party yet BJP leadership at the moment is unable to look beyond Gujarat whose model Narendra Modi and his followers have advertised world over. Whether it is Chinese Prime Minister or Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe or Donald Trump or making Saradar Patel or Gandhi’s legacy or the big stadium, Modi and Shah are unable to become the citizen of India. Quintessentially, they remain typical Gujaratis, who don’t trust ‘others’ and need everything not merely their meals but their officers too from their states. Anyway, there is nothing wrong for ‘national’ leaders behaving state ‘specific’ and ‘fulfilling’ their ‘promises’ made to their Janata. Those of us, who have been travelling Gujarat know the meaning of Gujarat’s Hindu Rashtra is nothing but absolute control of the Savarnas and pure marginalisation of the Dalits, OBCs and of course, Muslims. Look at the protest site in Gandhi nagar where Dalits, Adivasis, Rabaris are seeking complete implementation of the reservation and how Gujarat has denied it. The city of Ahmedabad is more chaotic than any other metropolitan city in India and is no match to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad but we don’t know why every foreign leader is taken to Gujarat. What for? Is this ground being prepared for Trump’s election rally? There are slums, there is chaos on the road and traffic conditions worst, we are hearing that from Ahmedabad Airport to Motera Stadium, a 600 meter long and 7 ft high wall is being created to ‘cover’ the ‘slums’, so that the global ‘King’ can’t see the ‘dirt’ and have always have a ‘feel good factor’. But it is not that alone, the government want that none who visit India…