Operation Samudra Setu

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Evacuation or repatriation: lies, distortions and concealing history

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat Loudspeakers are managing headlines in their studios as well as those who are copying from the Press Releases of the Ministry rarely bother to search for history and why do they do it when they have cleverly concealed history from us. It is time we learn to question the vocabulary though definitely need to stand with our forces who are engaged in such a mission. Yesterday, when we saw Air India as well as Indian Navy launched ‘Mission Vande Bharat’ to bring back about 15000 Indians from around 12 countries of middle east and South East Asia in the first phase which started from May 7th and will finish on May 13th. According to a report in the Hindustan Times, “All international passengers will have to pay for the journey and fares from Gulf countries to Kerala range from Rs 15,000 to Rs 16,000. Evacuation flights from London will cost about Rs 50,000 and those from the United States an estimated Rs 1,00,000.” The report also suggest that the government will expand the mission Vande Bharat and has asked the Indian navy too bring expatriates back to India under ‘Operation Samudra Setu’. The same day, TV channel start debating about ‘economy’ and an interview with Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri asking him as when will they ‘sale’ Air India. Strange, rather than appreciating the airlines for the excellent work during the entire period, the media continued with ranting. At the moment, all the airlines are lossmaking and Air India with its excellent staff and huge infrastructure has no reason to go for loss. It is the airlines which is ‘national’ and need to remain so it can be used in such critical juncture. Which private airlines took such initiative? Interestingly, the private airlines want the government to save them but it is ‘blasphemous’ for us to ask government to protect Air India. The loss that Air India is making is not because of its lack of professionalism but because it is used in emergencies and government use its services to the maximum. It is placed to fly…