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Know about Eating & Nutrition for Peritoneal Dialysis

Overview of eating and nutrition for peritoneal dialysis, including what to eat and drink, and how to set dietary goals and calorie limits. Tags : sodium, patients, probiotics, Protein, Kidney Disease, eating plan, potassium, health professionals, kidney failure, calories, Phosphorus, peritoneal dialysis, dietician, Community Outreach, renal dietician, liquid foods, phosphate binders, vitamin and mineral supplements. Kidney is a silent killer, being aware helps! 3 September 2019 A promising treatment for an incurable, deadly kidney disease 14 September 2019 Bus travel free for kidney patients in Telangana 17 February 2019 Being hospitalized with acute kidney injury may increase the risk of rehospitalization and death 27 April 2023 Initiative to find reasons behind prevalence of kidney disease in Andhra Pradesh 29 January 2020