philosophy of Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar

Kanshi Ram

BSP need to rise up and get connected with people to fulfil Bahujan mission as envisaged by Manyawar Kanshi Ram

Today, we remember Kanshiram Saheb on his 87th birthday. His followers, admirers, friends and many others will be remembering him but it is a fact that his presence is being missed desperately particularly by the Bahujan movement which is facing extreme political crisis in the absence of growing expectations of the masses and failure of the political parties particularly those which claim Bahujan legacy, to respond to it. In his second term, the Narendra Modi government has been on war with the opposition and citizens who dissented against various policies of the government. The aim of the ruling party people is to discredit political dissenters and term them anti-national. They have used all their terminology in the dictionary but a few things done last year have resulted in nationwide disquiet which failed to get a strong response from the parties like BSP who people wanted to be more active and which Manywar Kanshiram had built so laboriously travelling across the country and bringing so many diverse communities at one platform, giving them home and aspiration. Unparalleled. जाति की राजनीति ने हिंदुत्व को कमज़ोर करने की बजाए उसे मजबूत ही किया जिसका फायदा भाजपा ने उठाया That those who never tested power even in the Panchayat became big leaders and were made to contest from unreserved constituencies and won it. Such voices face extinction now as the power of money dominate and political leaders misuse the term ‘ I am opportunist’ remark of Kanshiram Saheb to suit their corrupt practices. It was clear that he used the term opportunist that for the welfare of his people he is ready to go to any extent but none can ever blame him for being corrupt and not working towards the interest of the Bahujan Samaj. BSP, as a political party came out from a powerful Bahujan movement with strong Ambedkarite leanings and therefore the expectations of the common people today are similar as they used to be in those days. In the greater interest of the people, we don’t kill the party or weaken it but play a bigger role in democratising it…