police barbarity in India


Time for serious police reform to make it more humane

The father-son duo arrested and then murdered in the judicial police custody in Tuticorin is a horrific reminder of unaccountability and brutality of the policing system in India. So far some of them have been suspended and one officer is transferred but that will never resolve the crisis as police in India has been used and misused by the parties in power to suit their political interest and hence they have ‘ascending order of ‘reverence’ for the political masters and descending order of contempt for the ‘political opposition’ of the ruling party of the time. I am using this term of Baba Saheb Ambedkar which he spoke about the Indian society. First, let us speak about what has happened in Tamilnadu. It is reported that Jayaraj (59) and his son Emmanuel Benicks (31) were arrested by the police on June 19th for allegedly ‘violating’ the curfew order in the lockdown. They owned a mobile shop at a place called Sathnakulam, a small town in district Tuticorin. The police reported that the two had not closed their shop after the defined time period and hence were arrested. There is no sign of any remorse from the Tamilnadu government in this case. The complete details as we have found out from various newspapers and first-person accounts are the following. Jayaraj was arrested by the police initially for violating the curfew norms and not closing his shop on time. It is said that it was 15 minutes late around 7 pm. Police took Jayraj to the local police station and started beating him. His son Benicks also went along and was upset seeing his father being beaten up mercilessly. Perhaps he might have an altercation with the policemen who were beating his father in front of her. Now, this was enough for the police to beat both them. It is alleged that the police assaulted them whole night mercilessly. They were shamed as both father and son were made naked in front of each other with police barbarity in full flow. By the morning they were in bad shape and bleeding profusely. It…