protect Idea of India

Vidya Bhushan Rawat at deekshabhoomi

Peace and harmony need of the hour to protect Idea of India

Douse the flames of hatred and act impartially to bring peace and harmony in Delhi Deeply disturbing scenes of violence in East Delhi are floating since yesterday where over 5 persons have been killed including one policeman of Delhi police in the violence. We don’t know whether they were killed in violence or police firing but according to police, section 144 has been imposed in about 10 locations of Eastern Delhi like Mauzpur, Babarpur, Seelampur, Jafarabad and other adjoining areas. The burning of cars, of market, and massive mobilisation of people as well as stones reflect a well-planned strategy to defame the protests against CAA. As we know that the protests against the CAA in Delhi and rest of the country have been by and large peaceful with protesters sitting on a Dharana holding Constitution of India, chanting slogans for India’s unity and protecting our constitution and taking inspiration from the founding fathers of our constitution. The power of these protests is that they are being led by women who are not merely listeners but leaders too and want to negotiate on their own. The role of clergy has been diminished and traditional netas too are side-lined. Moreover, a new young dynamic leadership is emerging particularly among the Muslims. This is also a fact that most of the women would not have taken to protest if there were no distress and feeling of helplessness. What is the option other than peaceful protest and engaging with others? Shaheen Bagh that was eye opening and a celebration of our peaceful protests and engagement with fellow citizens when the state abdicated its responsibility. Now many Shaheen Bagh’s have emerged in India and people are redefining protest movement which are peaceful and effective but then this is the thing which is hated by the hate monger on the opposite side. Government, it seems, is clearly rattled by these protests though determined not to acknowledge them. There is no concern, no seriousness and no attempt to reach out to the people and clarify about the CAA-NPR-NRC. Instead, the favourite Sanjay Gandhi model has been found…